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----- Original Message -----
To: Linda Briggs
Sent: Friday, April 07, 2006 7:21 AM
Subject: Re: Feedback about Dr H in Nice

Hi Linda,

I got back from Nice on Tuesday after having, face and neck lift, both eyelids , a light skin peel and some Restylane.

Let me tell you Linda, Dr H was fantastic. I sent some photos to her and she made recommendations which I took on board. She knew exactly what would make me look good, and she was right!  I went to Nice Tues and see her and the anaesthetist. I had my bloods done on Weds and the op on Thurs. I stayed in the clinic one night.  Dr Hr came to see me Fri morning then off I went. I stayed in an apartment so I could have my own space, DVD CD player etc, and cook my own meals.

I has really good treatment and the staff at the clinic were lovely to me, and did not mind that I couldn't speak French, they all had English skills.

I had some stitches out on the following Monday and came home Tues, one week away from home. Dr H was generous with her effort and time.  I could call her at any time night or day if I had a problem. She is very proud of her work and takes great care with ones tissue.  This is reflected in the amount of swelling and bruising, which was virtually none. I went into Nice the day after the op with my sun specs on, and you could not tell I had anything done.  I was amazed.

I want to say Thank you for recommending Dr H, and I look great, I am so pleased I took the plunge.  Only thing is Linda, I know I will be back in future, I look fresh, tidy more ' organised'.  I would definitely go back to Nice. If nothing else the weather was amazing!

Thanks once again, I will also be sending a Thank you to the doctor.

Kind regards Wendy

Please ask for Wendy's email address if you would like to email her.

Hi Dr H

Everything's healing well.  The swelling has reduced a lot, so it's all beginning to take shape.  My nose looks better than it ever has, and I do believe I look younger, certainly nowhere near as 'tired' as I looked before.

I'll send some photos when it's all settled down completely, but I must say, even in these early stages, I'm very pleased with how it's all looking.

Thanks, Ricki

Ricki had surgery in March 2006 and is willing to communicate with other patients.  Please ask for her email address

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