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Eye sight correction in Budapest

Linda Briggs in Hungary, offers eye corrections surgery in Budapest, with leading eye specialists in a state of the art dedicated eye clinic

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Offering a very personalised and individual service to all their patients in a friendly, relaxed and comfortable environment.

Linda Briggs in Hungary works with an established, respected and proven Eye Clinic in Budapest. The Eye Clinic creates  a synergy of the la test medical technology and modern medical equipment supported by a dedicated team of full- time highly qualified and experienced ophthalmologists, doctors, and nursing staff. This combination of quality ensures the best possible results for our patients.

Linda Briggs in Hungary works with leading eye specialists - the team of Consultant  Eye surgeons are highly-respected and well-establish shed Ophthalmic Surgeons who strive always to  ensure the highest standards of care to all our patients. These surgeons attend various conferences around the world, to ensure that their skills, their level of knowledge and their centre of excellence is up to date and on a par with cutting-edge centres throughout the world.

International expertise - a wealth of experience - the Group  of which the Eye Clinic is a member  owns and operates a number of hospitals and clinics in Europe as well as having other interests in healthcare- related activities.  The specialised Eye Cl inic in Budapest  is set to be a centre of excellence in the field of ophthalmology.  The Group adheres to the most stringent EU standards in line with its philosophy of providing unparalleled quality medical care to its patients within a safe and caring environment.

The clinic's mission - the clinic used by Linda Briggs in Hungary  has a simple and straightforward mission; to offer our patients nothing less  than the very best care for their eyes. Their expertise and experience coupled with their state of the art medical equipment have made that mission a reality. They understand that when it come s to something as delicate as your eyes, you want  complete peace of mind and  total reassurance that you are dealing with the best. The Eye Clinic employs some of the most skilled surgeons in their field,   and offers a wide range of surgical procedures and top of the range equipment.

The  ultimate mission of the Eye Clinic used by Linda Briggs in Budapest how ever lies within their patients’ comfort and well being. The  staff communicate with patients at every stage of their treatment, (in English of course!) ensuring continuous care and constant reassurance. Their trained professional staff will be on hand to guide you from your primary consultation to your final appointment.

Consultation Free of Charge
If you are interested in having Eye Laser Correction, then Linda Briggs in Hungary can arrange a consultation completely free of charge.   This consultation takes about 30 mins and the specialist team will assess your eyes for the following:

  • Visual acuity

  • Accurate Refraction

  • Intra Ocular Pressure

  • Fundoscopy – examination at the back of the eye

  • Topography

  • Pupillometry

Dilating eye drops might possibly be instilled into your eyes, so after these tests you might have a degree of  blurred vision for around 6 hours. If you are found eligible for laser, you can opt to have your procedure at a date and time convenient to you, but however you should be aware that these tests have an expiry date of 2 months.

It is important that if you wear soft contact lenses, you refrain from wearing them for 14 days prior these tests, and if you wear hard / gas permeable contact lenses, you refrain from wearing them for 1 month prior these tests.

Normal Consultation
We can arrange a routine eye check up at the clinic.  Check ups are recommended on a 2 yearly basis, unless you have any other problems or are over the age of 40 and you have a family history of glaucoma. The eye doctors will assess your eyesight and discuss with you their findings and recommendations.  A consultation usually takes around 30 mins. Once again, there is a possibility that dilating eye drops could be used, so you might have some blurred vision for around 6 hours.



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