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Testimonials and reviews from satisfied cosmetic surgery patients 2007
Cosmetic Surgery in Hungary with Linda Briggs


Letter from Lorraine H, England
April 2007
Subject: Full Face lift / Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty

I am writing to tell you of my experience in Hungary. After checking several alternatives around the world, including Poland, South Africa and U.K., I decided to contact Linda Briggs Hungary office as I was interested in having a face lift and an upper eye lift.

From the start they were most efficient at answering all my queries by email and once I was satisfied with the replies given to my questions, I decided to have my surgery in Budapest....

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Letter from Lisa M., England
April 2007
Subject: Liposuction

I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts during my recent visit to Budapest.

I found that having someone based in Budapest who was able to assist with transfers, accommodation & any question I had very valuable.  This is not something that most people enter into lightly however I felt completely at ease in making this decision.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Budapest. I have already past my recommendations on to some friends & I myself would not hesitate to return should I wish to have any further surgeries.

Lisa M.

Contact details available upon request

Letter from Joanne L, England
April 2007 (received)
Subject: Breast Lift and Reduction

In November 2006 I went to Budapest of a breast reduction and up lift . It took me nearly one year checking out the Internet and where to go etc.  I was totally put off with the way the UK handled the subject plastic Surgery .It appeared that everyone was having a go at it and so much choice confused me as well as the structure of how you were being dealt with.  I mean most places had small call centers and you were just a bonus on the sales board rather being dealt with as a human with a body that needed a little repair !

So in January I had some painless non sales chats with Linda Briggs who as a person appears to have had all the surgery and boy it has paid off.  No sales banter but answered all questions I asked and no pressure . I spoke once of twice throughout the year and then in October booked my trip !

Got to the airport and was picked up and taken to my hotel ,where my next day was planned for me . I went to all the clinics to be examined . I was amazed on how caring everyone was and how quick and organised it was.

Finally my day came to an end - nerves kicked in big time. .But I then met the most delightful Dr P. who would be removing my misery two lumps that sagged and pointed downwards and never allowed me to sleep properly ! I was saying good buy to part of my body I hated !

I woke up after surgery in no pain under a snug duvet with warm smiling faces above me with Dr P. telling me the op all went well … I shed a tear with the warmth around me .

The next day I popped to the bathroom to see my new breasts thinking they would look like I had been through the wars ..But no , there they were in a sports bra no blood no bruising no pain and WOW they were so firm, smaller and looked better than when I was in my late teens !! I am 37, had a child, up and down with weight etc .. THEY were amazing .

I left the comfy super clean hospital said my tearful goodbyes to the staff who were the best and made my way to the hotel with a huge smile on my face .

April 9th 2007
I am going back next Wednesday to have a tummy tuck and Lipo . I have total faith in my surgeon and I highly recommend anyone to go to Hungary you will get a bug and go back again ….

Thanks to Dr P. for giving me my confidence back and creating a pair of Breasts to die for.

Joanne L.
Contact details available upon request

Letter from D. Hamilton, Wiltshire, England
March 2007
Subject: Dentistry

Dear Linda,
I am writing this letter on behalf of my wife who recently returned from Hungary having had dental treatment (12 implants) being carried out by Dr. G.  We are both extremely pleased with the results.

During the various stages of the treatment my wife was re assured and attention to detail was very good, and services in all aspects towards us proved to be most important.

In fact if anyone contemplated dental treatment of this nature, my wife would offer reassurance as it is only natural that one can be apprehensive even to a personal visit.

Yours Sincerely.
D. Hamilton on behalf of my wife Pat

Contact details available upon request

Letter from Helga K in California, USA
February 2007
Subject: Liposuction

When I visited this website the first time, I told my husband:”maybe they will have my kidneys on ice.” It is hard to trust and asses a clinic based on its website.

From my experience, you should put all your doubts aside because, this company exceeded all my expectation. Everything was extremely simple, they set up everything in advance and I had nothing to worry about.

I am very thankful for Dr. K., my plastic surgeon, who touched me with his honesty and kindness.  He is an excellent doctor who takes a lot of pride in his work.  Needles to say, I am very pleased with the results of the procedure. Thank you.

Email details upon request

a modern sculpture by Mary

A statue in Budpest by Mary

Letter from Mary S in County Cork, Ireland

February 2007
Subject: Dentistry

Your service was so good that I thought people in Ireland should know about it, so in a very little way, I hope this helps.

I went to Budapest with modest expectation, (discoloured teeth, visible black fillings and a front plate).  I did not want gleaming white teeth.   I am delighted with what I got, I can wear lipstick and smile without my hand over my mouth.  They were kind and patient.  The dentist I was mainly dealing with, had such a soothing manner and the gentlest hands (whom I called blondie) has deadly accuracy of skills.  I s till can't believe I have these lovely teeth, they are such a joy.   My thanks to the very nice hygienist who worked on her day off for me.

Budapest is a city of contrasts, you're an idiot if you can't find things to do in this beautiful city on the Danube.  The house of terror is a must see.   One of the most original uses of a building I have ever seen.  The people in Budapest are the most polite in the world, except behind the wheel of a car!.  Thanks to you Linda, there are now more choices than the very expensive cartel of Irish dentistry.

Mary's email on request.    Some of the picture's Mary took

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