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Testimonials and reviews from satisfied cosmetic surgery patients 2007
Cosmetic Surgery in Hungary with Linda Briggs


From: Tara P. England
Date: December 2007
Subject: Tummy Tuck

Hi, I returned from surgery with Dr K. on 19th dec 2007, he is an amazing guy, absolutely brill at his job, although I had tummy tuck and hernia (which I did not know about until in theatre) plus lipo and none of my surgery is in the region you are having, I am delighted with the results, he is a quiet and a little shy, which may come across as indifferent, in fact when you joke with him, he relaxes and is a very gentle kind man who speaks and understands good English. So impressed am I with him that I will go back next year and have face/eyes/double chin or some combination of these with him. I would also say, the hospital look like the old London hospitals about 40 years ago, but the are amazingly clean, no mrsa out there. Also Dr K is very thorough, he explains what he intends doing, you can query or question him and he will tell you why what you have in mind is not practical or possible. I am 110% delighted I chose Budapest, thrilled with the results, amazed at their skills out there and impressed by the support.

Tara P.
Contact details available upon request

From: Lorraine M, Glasgow, Scotland
Date: October 2007
Subject: Tummy tuck and liposuction

It has been six weeks since my surgery and I really wanted to write a recommendation regarding my surgery so here goes.

I had a full Tummy tuck with hip and waist liposuction in August 2007 and I can honestly say that I am more than pleased with my results.

The care I received was excellent, as a very senior NHS nurse, I had set very high standards as to what I expected from not only the cosmetic surgery but the before and after care, I was not disappointed with any part of my care while home here in Glasgow and during my stay in Budapest. I felt important and that you cared as much about my results as I did, at no point did I feel like just another patient. In fact, I almost felt like your only patient! Here is a brief outline of my experience in Budapest:-)

As promised I was collected at the airport and met taken to my hotel. The following day I met Dr R. who was, kinda weird if I’m honest, but a brilliant surgeon who actually listened to me and treated me with dignity and respect at all times. He proved this when it became time to remove my clothes, I’m British and don’t do nudity!!  He was aware of how uncomfortable this was for me and made it as painless as possible, not only while getting my photograph taken but as I waited for my general anaesthetic - a male nurse started to attach ECG leads to me and removed my blanket, he stopped him, covered me up and told them, in English,” not until she’s asleep”. He has no idea how grateful I was for that small gesture and how much it relaxed me and made me feel that I was a person to him and not just a patient.

The hospital I was treated in was very clean and the nurses very attentive, although not much English was spoken, it didn’t prove a problem as they gave me a list of words that I could point to when I needed something. The thing that impressed me the most was that I didn’t need to ask for anything, everything just turned up, painkillers, anti sickness pills, food, water more pillows etc. Even Dr R. never seemed to leave the building as he was always popping in and out and helped me set up my lap top, in my experience no NHS surgeon thinks they have time to sit with a patient and fix their computer! I have absolutely no complaints regarding my time as an inpatient in Budapest.

Thanx again

Lorraine M.
Contact details available upon request

Forum: Tanya W., England
October 5, 2007
Upper/Lower Blepharoplasty

If anyone is interested or needs some reassurance, I have recently (Sept 17th), returned from Budapest having had Upper and Lower eyelid surgery( Bletharaplasty) and am overjoyed at the result.

I went to see the lovely Dr K who took great care of me, she was very caring and could not have been more helpful. My scars are healing well and you can see they will be virtually undetectable. I still have a little swelling which you can't see when I'm wearing makeup but everyone has noticed the difference.

It is, I think, vital to have an English speaking host, I don't think I would have gone otherwise.
And thanks to Linda for answering all my questions, doubts and helping me every step of the way. You will never know how terrified I was.!!!

II'm going back for more facial work in the new year although I'm not sure what at the moment

Contact details available upon request

From: Andrea E., England
Sent: July 23, 2007
Subject: Dentistry, Plastic Surgery + Plasma Skin Rejevenation Facial Treatments
Hello All!

I just wanted to share my experience in Budapest with you, so here goes…

I needed to have extensive dental surgery done and was quoted £ 22 000 + for implants, crowns sinus lift etc here in the U.K. After numerous informative swift emails I decided to take a 2 hour flight and spend 10 days in Hungary and only £ 5000 on my new “ fangs” ( my friends thought I was mad and very brave!)

I arrived in Budapest at about 11pm and a driver was waiting for me at the airport, who took me straight to my lovely hotel where at something past midnight.  So far so good.

At midday the following day ( the dental surgery is in part of the hotel, just off the lobby , all discreet and modern and very professional)

I was very impressed with the dentist knowledge and professional approach to my “case” She said that she didn’t feel that I needed to have the sinus lift and implants and could give me that “Hollywood” smile with bridges and crowns , thus saving me a few thousand £’s and most of all pain and discomfort , all to my advantage , so I rubbed my hands in glee and said lets go for it.

Over the next 9 days I trotted down to the clinic for numerous appointments for taking moulds , fittings, preparations for the end result. I found the dental team very friendly and efficient and we were even able to have a few laughs and jokes ( Im terrified of injections and drills and basically a big baby when it comes to” The Dentist” )

I decided to have some scar revision surgery on my hips and wrist and also some botox around my eyes.

I met a fabulous surgeon called AM , she is the blonde lady under the surgeon section on the Hungary site. I felt as though she was more like a friend than a surgeon, AM has such a kind caring manner and is such a talented surgeon that I would go back tomorrow for any other nip and tucks that I may need in the future.  The clinic is lovely, very modern ,private and yet again with wonderful friendly staff whom all speak English.  AM has studied all over the world and has a huge file containing all the magazine articles ,interviews etc that have been done about her , very impressive indeed.

For anyone considering any cosmetic procedure I would advise you to talk to AM before making your final decision on where to have your surgery done , she’s wonderful, patient ,informative and has a great bedside manner.

My scar revision went really well, under a local anaesthetic with a shot of Valium running through my veins , I lay back and listened to Tina Turner ( I asked if they had any music , and was pleasantly surprised to find I had a choice , so Tina it was ). I was all done and dusted and hour or so later and then had my botox done and hopped in a taxi and went back to my hotel for a spot of lunch, I felt fine. . My time with AM was so calm and easy going and at the same time professional and first class. Please consider this talented Surgeon for your surgery. I would recommend her to my nearest and dearest within a heartbeat.( and NO im not working for her or on commission ! , Im just a very happy patient.)

I actually wanted to have lipo on my calves but AM said I didn’t have enough fat and took time to explain all the reasons why I didn’t need lipo, I was so impressed that I was being advised against something that I thought I needed , no one was trying to rip me off or do something unnecessary, very honest professional people were all around me in Budapest.

I had been considering having laser skin resurfacing as at the age of 38 as I have a few lines and a lot of freckles /sun damage on my face ,neck chest and arms. I really just wanted rid of my freckles, something that has bothered me for years. An appointment was made with the Laser clinic and we were told all about this new treatment called Plasma skin resurfacing , its not laser ,its heat energy.

I can honestly say that Im so impressed by my Plasma treatment , My skin looks so fresh young and radiant and my freckles have disappeared that Im going to have my neck chest and arms done within the next month. Its now 2 and a bit weeks since my treatment and I have been out and about without a scrap of makeup on ,just moisturiser and lip gloss, its never been known , I usually have my full face on just to grab a pint of milk !!

Well as you can gather , Im extremely pleased with my decision to go to Budapest and had a wonderful time in between having all my bits and pieces done , I love Budapest and its people , it’s clean safe and very beautiful, extremely modern and very reasonable as well.

So I came home with fantastic new teeth, new scar revision scars , new skin and far too many new clothes ,shoes and handbags ! Can’t wait to go back….

Also a great big thank you to Linda & Mike for their prompt help with my debit card hiccup , much appreciated.

Very happy from Ascot

From: Sarah T., Hampshire, England
Sent: June 17, 2007
Subject: Breast Lift

I am writing to tell you of my experience in Budapest.

I researched my options for about six months before deciding to travel to Budapest for a breast reduction and uplift.

My emails were responded to, honestly and efficiently. Other companies I spoke to had taken a more sales approach, as if they were trying to sell me a holiday.  As I come from a medical background this concerned me as I as was aware that I wanted fairly major surgery.

I was met me at my apartment on arrival and given the schedule for my stay. The following morning I would have my pre-surgery exams carried out. The tests were extremely thorough and the clinic was clean, modern and efficient.

The following morning I was collected by taxi and taken to the clinic for my surgery. Again Dr P. took time marking me up, explaining what he was going to do and taking photographs. The surgery was not at all stressful.  The anaesthetist, nurses and clinic staff were highly efficient.  The clinic was clean and felt very relaxing.  I recovered quickly from the anaesthetic and was surprised not to have any pain.  I stayed in the clinic overnight leaving early evening the next day. Prior to discharge Dr P. personally changed the dressings giving me the opportunity to see my new breasts.  
I spent the remaining days in Budapest recovering. I was able to get out and about and eat out.

Since returning home I have continued to make a good recovery. My GP practice removed my stitches and was impressed with the surgery. I would certainly recommend Linda Briggs services in Budapest to anyone considering surgery. The quality of surgery, co-ordination of care was excellent. Special thanks to Dr. P. for the excellent surgery.

Sarah T.
Contact details available upon request

From: Jan
Sent: 22 May 2007 22:37
To: linda.briggs@
Subject: Eye surgery in Budapest

I would just like to say Thank You.

I flew to Budapest to have my eyelids done at the end of March and am very pleased both with the result and the service you provided in the UK.

I love my eyes now ...! where before I hated them,I had skin that sat on my eyelashes especially when I was tired. I look so awake now.

The operation was not pleasant but well worth the .. I dont know what the word I said it was not pleasant.

However the end result was well worth it.

Thank you once again.
With regards from Jan

Letter from Rebecca M., Ireland
Sent: May 02, 2007
Subject: Upper/Lower Blepharoplasty

I started thinking about having Blepharoplasty completed since everyone had started to comment on how tired I looked. I began to scan the Internet ads and became more confused day by day until I found Linda Briggs web site. I contacted her and asked did she have any contacts in Budapest

I arranged the surgery approximately 9 months after my consultation as I knew I had holidays due then. I have to say I was so impressed with the way the visit was organized and then my meeting with the surgeon Dr. P, his manner and knowledge on the subject impressed me even more, so that I knew there was no need for a second consultation as I came out with no doubts.  I went to consultation with Dr. P to enquire about lower Blepharoplasty and just on my way out the door I decided to ask Dr. P did he think I should have the uppers done also.  He said it would be much better but did not push at all and would not have suggested same only that I mentioned it. It proved to me that it was not just the fee he was interested in, and if I had known then what I know now - the uppers were the most important ones for me personally to have had completed...

I flew into Budapest alone on March 19th.  A taxi was waiting to collect me and take me to my apartment. I decided I would prefer stay in an apartment rather than a hotel as I wanted a private setting for my recuperation.

March 20, 2007
I was taken down to the clinic to have bloods and e.c.g done. I have to say I was so impressed with the way things were organized. I thought I would have to organize all of this myself.  Once the bloods and e.c.g were done I was free for the day to head off shopping and of course to get some food in for my recuperation time.

I met with Dr. P.  He examined my eyes and took some photographs.  When he walked into the room I must confess to having a secret panic attack thinking what am I doing here and what kind of a job will he do.  He made me feel at ease straight away and acknowledged the fact that he knew what I was thinking and understood how nervous I was and instantly I became more confident and at ease. He is such a kind compassionate doctor. I really appreciated so much his understanding and ability to empathise with me at the time as I don’t think I could have felt any more nervous, especially since I had traveled alone. No doubt he is well used to seeing this with his patients and I am sure I was not the first or last nervous patient he was going to meet.

The nurse from theatre collected me at 11.00am. The operation was preformed while I was awake for more accuracy with the end result. In total it took four hours (I think the normal time is three or less but I had to be awkward). Local anesthetic was used and he advised me to let him know immediately if I felt any discomfort. I have to say I was relieved when I heard him say that he was finished the procedure as it would have been much simpler if I was fast asleep for the operation, but at the same time I preferred a little discomfort knowing that everything was checked at all times for accuracy.

When I got back to my temporary room in the clinic the nurse put ice packs on my eyes, and also inserted drops so I just lay still. She was so kind and caring also. The first thing I noticed was that I had an unmerciful headache as I guess it was four of the most stressful hours I had ever spent, that’s just me, I am one of those people that could not relax until it was all over, nothing at all to do with the doctor, he was so considerate right through the whole procedure. The nurse got me a tablet for the headache and it eased straight away. I think it is clear to be seen that these people really went out of there way for me and done everything they possibly could to put me at ease. It’s the same service they provide to all visitors traveling for medical.  They understand how people are feeling and want to make the experience as pleasant and successful as they possibly can. It was one of the most impressive trips I have ever been on as far as competent and well organized people are concerned. When leaving the clinic after the surgery Dr. P assured me if I had any problems at all I could ring him at any hour day or night but I did not have to call him.

There were lots of stitches around my eyes after the procedure so sterile strips were put on the top and bottom eyelids to stop the ends of the stitches dangling into my eyes. I did not ask for any pain killers when leaving and did not notice any pain during the first week. I was given some instructions to follow i.e. (1 ) not to wash my hair as it would irritate the wounds (2) put in the drops every three hours (3) rest my eyes as much as possible, with very little reading or watching of TV. I kept a cool ice pack on my eyes any time I thought of it and slept on my back for most of my stay in Budapest which took some getting used to.

It was lovely to get back to my nice quite private apartment to chill out and relax after the procedure.

Dr. P was well impressed with his work and took out the stitches himself that Tuesday which was the 27th March.  Removing the stitches around the corners of my eyes made me cringe a bit and my eyes watered but that had been the only pain I experienced for a few seconds during my entire stay in Budapest (apart from the headache of course which was self inflicted). I could not believe how clean the wound looked and no one would ever know I had lower Blepharoplasty as there was not even a mark not to mention a scar where the stitches were. I had absolutely no bruising what so ever on my face. I did have swelling which was almost gone on that Tuesday the stitches were removed. The upper scarring was quite pronounced (and still is, but can be concealed by makeup) but it was such a brilliant feeling to have the stitches out and be able to wash my hair with shampoo. Dr. P told me not to use make up for ten days and when I was flying home the next day I just looked like someone that had had a good cry.

Last day in Budapest.
Picked up at my apartment by a taxi.  The taxis were absolutely brilliant and so punctual. They were never late and were normally there fifteen minutes or more before the time. I had been given me an estimate before I went to Budapest on what the taxis may cost and it worked out almost exact to his estimate. This left me knowing exactly how much money I needed to bring with me, (but you can always use your bank link pass card to get more money out if you run low on cash) what the doctor would cost and what the taxis would cost. Again I have to say the organization here was brilliant as knowing all costs involved left me feeling really secure re the money side of things.

I am so glad I had the procedure and to add to the experience I totally enjoyed Budapest as it is a magnificent city. I will go back one day as there was so much to see and do in this Beautiful city...

Rebecca M., Ireland
Contact details available upon request

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