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Testimonials and reviews from satisfied patients 2008
Cosmetic Surgery in Hungary with Linda Briggs


LD, London, upper eyes/cosmetic dentistry December 08
I was very pleased with my treatments in Hungary.  The staff were all very helpful and pleasant. T
he consultation was very good.  Thanks to Carolyn who was very supportive and kind during our stay.

I was very happy the way my surgery went, and actually got a better result than I expected.  Great staff all round.  Thank you Dr K for a great job.

Jason, Ireland, Chin Implant, November 2008

RITA, London

I have had two visits to Budapest, the first in February 2008 and the second in October 2008. Unfortunately my surgery was unable to go ahead on either occasion. I had a bad reaction to the anaesthetic on the second visit but I was extremely impressed with the care I received from all staff at the clinic. Dr.K was wonderful, as was the anaesthetist and nursing staff.  I was looked after extremely well and even though no English was spoken by my nurse, we managed to communicate well.

I have no hesitation in recommending Budapest for surgery, you will be treated very well by everyone there.

Jo O, England

I had Titan treatment and Lipo massage (Endermologie)). The doctor was charming and very considerate as the Titan treatment is very painful. I would recommend this treatment to anyone as I do feel it has made a big difference to my appearance.

The Endermologie treatment is fantastic. The beautician who treated me was very sweet and the results are great.

Thank you!
Jo O.

From: Angela D., England
Date: March 2008
Subject: Breast Augmentation, Teeth Whitening

My experience turned out to be very good, but could not have done it without my partner being with me as he looked after me after the operation.   My doctor was also very nice and spoke English. The dentist was very professional. Very pleased with the results. Good prices.

Angela D.
Contact details available upon request

Carolyn at the dentist in Budapest, Hungary

From: Carolyn T., England
Date: February 2008
Subject: Dentistry

Suffering from a troublesome crown, and being tempted by the special introductory period Tooth Whitening offer in Linda's newsletter, I asked for an appointment for me ASAP. The following day I was taken to the clinic and introduced to the staff. Before I go any further I must add that I am not a fan of dentists, even finding the waiting room an ordeal. However the location of this clinic is beautiful, the waiting room is open plan with the reception area, a huge widescreen TV is on the wall, everything is bright, relaxing and spotlessly clean. Hot and cold drinks are offered on arrival. All the equipment is new and up to date.

The dentist I saw was Dr S, who is friendly, warm, kind and understanding, speaks perfect English,has a great sense of humour, and most of all patient with nervous patients. He examined my teeth, and sent me next door for an x-ray, which was done with the most modern equipment I have seen. Once the x-ray was developed he showed me, and explained in great detail, what was causing my problem. We discussed exactly what needed doing, how long it would take, if it would hurt (no), if I would feel the local anaesthetic injections (no – he uses numbing gel first), would I feel any pain (definitely not). He would prepare a treatment plan and email it.

I have had tooth whitening in England – trays made by the dentist which worked as long as I kept it up but was time consuming and messy, and then some kind of whitening system in a 'Tooth Whitening' clinic staffed by girls with no dental experience apart from a tooth whitening course. Total waste of money here and I had to stop before the end due to incredible and painful sensitivity.

However the treatment here was totally professional and without any discomfort whatsoever. First of all I had what felt like a 'power shower for teeth' – deep cleaning with salt crystals. This was followed by another clean to remove plaque using some kind of diamond chips – again no discomfort. The gel or whitening solution was then applied over my teeth, goggles put over my eyes, and the UV light switched on. I cannot describe the procedure with complete accuracy as by this time I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep – it felt like lying on a very comfortable sun lounger in the sun! After each few minutes, Dr S removed the whitener, and replaced it with a new batch – this was done several times. Finally after removing the last traces of the gel, and rinsing my mouth, Dr S applied something to protect the teeth in the immediate period after treatment against any sensitivity. All over Dr S handed me a mirror and I was almost blinded by the result – and was thrilled to bits. In all the time I have messed around with so-called tooth whitening treatments, I have never achieved anything like this.

Two friends who looked in on my progress couldn't believe it either – first of all how relaxed and comfortable I looked – no strain on my mouth, no discomfort, no stinging or sensitivity – just great white teeth. Nor could they get over the friendliness and warm welcome from each member of the staff, from the Receptionist to the Dental Hygienist/Assistant to the Dentist, Dr S. I can't believe I actually voluntarily walked into a dental clinic without having a panic attack! Shortly after leaving the clinic, they were telephoned to find out how I had got on and if everything had gone well.  The treatment I need would be so much more expensive in the UK, but leaving the cost factor aside, what is of even greater importance to me is that they were so kind and reassuring and made me feel relaxed and in safe hands. However as Budapest is such a beautiful city, and everyone is so friendly and kind, I have a great excuse to return as soon as possible.

Carolyn T.
Contact details available upon request

From: Lucia A, Italy
Date: February 2008
Subject: Face lift, Flank lift, Lip correction
I didn't think a doctor like Dr. K could exist! After so many negative experiences around the world, I thank God for letting me meet her. She has changed my life and I bless her forever. I would recommend her to anyone for her professionality and skills, together with her sense of harmony and artistic feel.

I hope she will come to Italy to operate here and make a lot of Italian women happy too.
Lucia A.

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