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Testimonials and reviews from satisfied patients 2009
Cosmetic Surgery in Hungary with Linda Briggs


From: M
Sent: Saturday, October 31, 2009 5:32 PM
To: linda
Subject: From Budapest

Hello Linda its M

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and advice for the second time with your expert knowledge on which surgeon and country to choose.  I couldn't have done this without you and cannot say in words how grateful i am.  I  read of the many horror stories there have been for people having surgery all over the world but you have come up trumps a second time for my surgery.  I'm not sure if you remember but i had an s-lift in Brussels in October 2006.

I'm sure my surgery wouldn't have been as successful if i didn't have your help.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart and also for your patience and understanding regarding the way "money" situations are at the moment and also your trust in myself and L.

It was lovely to have Carolyn, and her friend Patti who has been through surgery, to meet us at the airport and also to escort us to the clinic for each visit and also the ongoing help and support.

I am going to the clinic 1 last time on Monday for most of the stitches out then we will be flying back to, what i hear at the moment is, sunny England!!

Best wishes and thanks again,

Teresa A. from England -  Face Lift   March 17 2009
I was so pleasantly surprised by the whole experience that I am already planning my next trip to Budapest for my next surgery.

Mandy M. from England - Face lift   March 17 2009
The team were wonderful, kind and patient, and made the whole experience as easy and comfortable as possible. Don't hesitate if you have been thinking about surgery, you will be in safe hands.

Sally S, England - Surgery: Breast Lift/ mini tummy tuck & liposuction - February 23, 2009
"After a lot of thought I chose Budapest and am so glad that I did as I could not be more happy.  I have been really well looked after and I'm extremely satisfied the outcome of the surgery. I would definitely come again."

Angela P., England - February 17, 2009 - Full face, neck lift, lower eyes
I would recommend anyone to go to Budapest for cosmetic surgery.
I can truthfully say you are very well cared for.  Dr K was my surgeon, he has an excellent reputation.

Liz M. England - February 12, 2009 - Tummy Tuck, Liposuction
I have had 2 cosmetic procedures in the UK and have never experienced such good service.
Of course Carolyn excelled herself.  Please keep up the first class service.

JA, London, Facelift, breast uplift
Now Day 5 and flying home tomorrow.  Hardly any bruising and feeling great.  Was never once worried as the surgeons are the best – beats England any day!  The nurses are caring, no MRSA to worry about here.  Carolyn was always there for me, and she did more than I'm sure is required of her.  If you're happy, then she is.  I would recommend anyone to come over here – it's easy to fly to, everything is organised for you just like a holiday, and the results are really great.

The surgeon was brilliant and very professional as he wants to achieve a good result.  Time is not an issue for him, so he does not rush, and you feel you are getting the best possible results.  AAA*****  would recommend him to anyone.

The best nursing staff anyone could want – nothing was too much trouble and they made you feel very safe – far superior to England.

The prices are great, but more importantly the surgeons and Carolyn, and the Hungary medical team are all brilliant at their jobs -  and they are the best!  Nothing is too much trouble for any of them. 
They all go the extra mile!!

Ruth, Wales, - SmartLipo/Liposuction upper arms, legs, January 2009
I was very impressed with everything . The surgeon was kind and reassuring and explained everything really well at the consultation. The nurses were kind and caring and the hospital was spotlessly clean.

The apartment was comfortable and had everything I needed and was very central.  It was reassuring to have someone English to relate to – she was good fun and kept my spirits up and made the whole experience easy for me to cope with.

Overall  I would thoroughly recommend surgery in Budapest, and  I will definitely come back.  I had surgery with BUPA a while back and paid through the nose – this was a much better experience!

Sam A, London, injectable implants, cosmetic dentistry, January 09
I found the experience to be better than I expected.  I was delighted with the professionalism of the service and the attentiveness of the staff - they really can't do enough to help you. Thank you Linda Briggs and staff.


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