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Linda Briggs in Hungary
Reviews and testimonials for cosmetic surgery and dentistry
Linda Briggs
Cosmetic Surgery & Dentistry in Budapest Hungary


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Linda Briggs in Hungary
Reviews and testimonials for Cosmetic Surgery 2014


"I am  overjoyed with my natural yet has taken years off me!!.   It is far better than my expectations and superb work. The surgeon, Dr K - well ..I am completely in awe of him and his astounding work..its incredible..I notice how much better I  look already and how my skin is now taut not loose and scraggy - it's fab as that is exactly what I wanted!  It looks so natural and I am  over the moon - and I feel like a new woman!

Dr K is a superb surgeon he really is.  My scars are still tight but healing rapidly and the feeling is coming back too which is great.  I feel so much better in myself - .yes more relaxed .confident..content and very happy.  I proved to myself I could travel alone and spend time alone and enjoyed it to boot !!

Budapest is a beautiful city to visit.  The apartment was lovely - right in the centre of town.  This whole experience was far better than I expected!  Amazing! The care and support from Carolyn was superb - she was constantly in  touch and so caring.

I am extremely happy and shall recommend all my friends and clients to Linda Briggs in Hungary!

CL, Female patient 45, south of England, facelift/necklift + fillers to define cheekbones. Dec 2014

"Despite being very keen to have a facelift, travelling to a foreign country was daunting.  Having found Linda Briggs online it was obvious the research and experience behind the name was very beneficial.  I am glad I made the right decision and am thrilled with the result from Dr K and his team - and at a fraction of the costs of similar procedures in the UK.

MA, Scotland,  face/necklift, upper/lower eyelid lift, fat transfer to midface. November 2014

"From my initial queries, until my treatment, and even after my visit from when I returned home, the service I received was exemplary.  Meeting Carolyn and Diane who looked after me with so much care and attention was an added bonus.  They are such warm people and they made feel right at home.

The clinic was clean, professional and very friendly. The surgeon explained everything clearly and answered all my questions. I would definitely recommend having your surgery booked through Linda Briggs.  Everything was taken care of - I had nothing to worry about, but just to enjoy the beautiful city.  I am now looking forward to seeing the final results of my new body!

CT, May 2014, 39, South of England, 9 regions of VASER liposuction

Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2014 17:34:48 +0100
To: Linda Briggs

Hi Linda

I wanted to write to say I had the most incredible experience over in Budapest with Carolyn.

The organisation and appointments and taxi's were superb.

The apartment was lovely and right in the town centre.

Carolyn was attentive and concerned and there for my every need before and after surgery.  She knew exactly what to say and how to reassure me and prepare me.  I was so impressed with Dr K and all the staff at the clinic.

My face and neck lift is fantastic !  .I had no idea it would look so perfect and natural!!.

Dr K and Carolyn are a real credit to your company they honestly do care and do the very best they can to help.

My whole experience was better than i could have imagined and i am happy to help you with any future patients who may need reassurance ..keep up the good work x

I will be back .

All the best
Laura x

" I was very pleased that Carolyn was able to organise my surgery with the surgeon at short notice. I have to say that I'm truly delighted with the result - I still look like me, but better and younger, and that's exactly what I wanted.   I have only seen one friend who says I look fantastic!

The scars in front of my ears are already practically invisible (only 2 weeks post op)

An added bonus - I lost half a stone whilst in Hungary!

The accommodation I was overall very happy with  despite there being some problems - but most things were fixed within 24 hrs- everything was provided, down to umbrellas and cooking oil.  Being able to put a stool in the bath was so reassuring and I really appreciated this.

Everyone in the clinic were terrific!  One suggestion to add to the list of 'post op instructions' - don't wash your face vigorously - I did my usual and gave myself 2 black eyes!

Can you please say hi to all at the clinic, and I promise I'll send some photos.

Thank you so much for all your help and support - you were terrific - far more than I expected. The little extra things you did were truly appreciated,   I would recommend Linda Briggs!

HU, female 56, south of England, facelift/necklift January 2014

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