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Linda Briggs in Hungary - Reviews and testimonials for cosmetic surgery 2017
Linda Briggs Cosmetic Surgery & Dentistry in Budapest Hungary


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Having surgery in Budapest has been fabulous!  Linda Briggs and Carolyn have been very supportive. My surgeon has performed a miracle on my tummy.  He was very cautious in what he said he would be able to do, but achieved amazing results!  I cannot wait to see the full results in the next few months...

MK, female, 34, Midlands, Full Tummy Tuck, December 2017

"So pleased with the results that I am already planning on booking a tummy tuck!  Excellent surgeon - I feel I look like the bset version of me (which was my aim) as opposed to someone with a tight face they cannot move!  Carolyn is with you every step of the way - with lots of little touches - shopping.  Easter egg, glass of wine and  good company!  She explains everything clearly - is there when you wake up. Thank you to all concerned."

SC, female, 47, South England, MACS facelift April 2017

“I was more than satisfied with the treatment I received from Linda Briggs.  Everything was organised to perfection and Linda's organisation and help in Budapest was friendly, obliging, efficient and punctual and made me at all times feel very comfortable through the whole experience.  The surgeon is a lovely man and I hope to visit again in the very near future for further treatment! I would definitely recommend Linda Briggs to anyone considering surgery."

CB, 54, South of England, Smart lipo to arms, March 2017

"I am happy that I came to Budapest and had the surgery with very good results. The service provided by Linda Briggs in Hungary from my first enquiry to any questions on my return home was excellent.   was looked after very well, both in the hospital and afterwards - the nursing staff were kind and caring and nothing was too much trouble for them.  As to the surgeon he was friendly, understanding, kind and caring - and very reassuring and professional - and I could not have asked for better!  I would recommend Linda Briggs and the service she provides to anyone considering surgery abroad .

KP, female 51, Midlands, Tummy Tuck and muscle tightening, February 2017

"This was my second time in Budapest for surgery (first time last year with very good results).  I was happy the first time and that is the reason I chose the same surgeon for my nose job.  I am happy with the first results - and I can't wait to see the final result.  I recommend Linda Briggs in Hungary and also the surgeon!  Both are really professional.

BO, 28, Switzerland, Rhinoplasty and liposuction, February 2017 - Breast reduction/correction/uplift + tummy lipo 2016

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