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french-lift Dr Bellity


FRENCHLIFT,  a procedure invented by a French surgeon aims to minimise aesthetic surgeries by proposing an alternative remedy to facial looseness.

The surgeon works in Paris and this is some more of his work


The principle of the FRENCHLIFT consists of lifting sagging skin tissue from the lower part of the face by creating a little scar hidden behind the paw hair and a small extension inside the ear.

LIFT is commonly associated with « micro liposuction » of the fat situated on the jowl and under the chin, necessary for optimal results.

The barbed threads, completely absorbable, are used in order to facilitate tissue lifting.

Before Frenchlift with Dr Bellity


The Frenchlift procedure with Dr Bellity


After French lift with Dr Bellity


The FRENCHLIFT is carried out under local anaesthesia, but can be also be preceded with “sedation” (a small anaesthesia) if the patient prefers.

The duration of the procedure is less than an hour.  It is carried out in a surgical unit adapted for minor surgeries or an ambulatory clinic.  The patient is discharged the same day

Wearing the compression garment after a French lift with Dr Bellity

Before and After French lift with Dr Bellity


A medicated shampoo is advised the day after the procedure (red Betadine or baby shampoo).  There is no other necessary treatment.  A check-up appointment is scheduled one week later.

During the first week, some oedema and bruises of different extent can appear.

The pain is very minor and may be non -existent.  A 7 to 10 days downtime is suggested to the patient.


Before and after French Lift

results 5 days after


Before and after Frenchlift


results 15 days after

Before and after French lift

results 6 months after

Face lift 2  |  Face lift 3


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