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And don't forget your teeth.  A popular dentist from Croatia gives some startling facts and figures.


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30% of  the UK population are suffering from total tooth loss.  Almost 80% of the adult population suffer from the loss of at least one permanent tooth.  Unfortunately, most of the adult population overlook the loss of teeth, not knowing that this might lead to a greater problem with chewing, smiling and even the look of their face.

If we try to think from another angle, we might see the broader picture.  Suddenly a question arises from this picture; do we really believe there is a difference between a prosthetic for our hands or legs, as opposed to a total or partial denture?  Of course there is no difference!

Being burdened with a body prosthesis of any kind, makes us feel disabled or less able.  It makes us insecure and due to our low confidence, which is rapidly disappearing with our personal interaction with family, friends and work, is definitely not desirable.  Statistics say, that more then 20% of the population in London are toothless, which is about 1,200,000 people who are housebound and not socialising.  Do you want to be a statistic??

Being proactive might lead you to a better life. Technology combined with biology and medical science can help us repair our disability promptly, successfully and safely.

The solution is dental implants!!!!  99% success rate and a long lasting lifetime guarantee, is a reason why we should consider going for this solution. Teeth in an hour, teeth in days!!  The advertisements are screaming from everywhere.

In the dentists opinion, she says you will never regret having dental implants, as long as you are selective where you go and who you use.  She says"my personal dream is to provide all those in need, with a long term solution for dental rehabilitation.  I strongly believe that nowadays the solution lays in dental implants rather then huge bridges or even worse, total or partial dentures.  Most extractions can have immediate implants, so you should never be without teeth."

The dentist feels strongly that her premium education gives her patients a win win situation ,  considering their needs and fitting them into their budget.  She strives to regain confidence for all in need, and finds personal happiness in bringing back a smile to each individuals she treats.

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