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Newsletter - July 2016

Linda Briggs in Lithuania

So now what?  Life after Brexit.  It's here and we have to find alternative ways to get the surgery and dentistry you want at realistic prices, despite the change in the value of the pound.  Just in case the vote went this way, I made contingency plans and have already found some solutions for you.

Believe me, when I tell you that Lithuania is the new Poland!!  I found exactly what I am looking for. Excellent surgeons and dentists, excellent standards and realistic prices.  Hotels and flights are very good prices, so keeping the overall cost of your treatment good value.  I didn't meet anyone who couldn't speak English.  There is no need for interpreters, the currency is Euros and it's a real home from home.

We are collecting together information and prices for you to
view here.    Please ask me for anything that is not yet on the list and I will get the information as soon as I can.  They offer, cosmetic surgery, dentistry, gastric surgery and IVF together with new hips and knees etc.   In fact, if you want anything ask me, they probably do it.

Another way of saving on your surgery costs.  Speak to Mel, who will gladly talk to you about publishing your story in a magazine.  E mail her and copy me in, so we can all see what we can do.      Whether this is for planned surgery, or some you already had, lets see what you can get for your story.

Dont forget about all my other lovely options in beautiful places that can all be
seen here   Remember, I am the oldest web site offering the most options and like to speak to you all personally.  I don't sell enquiries to others and I know all the professionals I tell you about personally.  If they don't come up to scratch, they are not on here!!


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