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Newsletter - March 2016

Are you looking for a safe environment to have surgery?  This is a one off opportunity for those who liked the prices in Tunisia, but wont go there at the moment.  Br east implants only 3300 euros in Malta. (Less than 2800 at today's rate).  Spaces left for 13th April only.  This was the price we charged in Tunisia over 3 years ago.  I dont know how long I can hold this price?


Breast implants

First come first served basis, for breast implants only.  Prices can be see here for other procedures which will be available all year.  To find out more about what I am doing in Malta, see the magazine article below.

What can Malta offer?

  • Excellent weather
  • Budget airlines from most airports in the UK
  • Fully English speaking
  • In Europe
  • Lots of hotels offering cheap accommodation in April.

I will be in Malta in April and anyone wanting to take up this special offer, is invited to have dinner with me.


Read the magazine article to see the latest procedures happening in
Malta.  Cosmetic gynaecology by a surgeon trained by Dr Matlock from the USA.  The very latest procedures cheaper than UK prices.  Page 1 Page 2.  Available from April


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