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     Newsletter -  November 2015

I have to tell you........

Just back from a Medical Tourism congress in Croatia

You can see some photos here.  I was amazed at what was on offer in Croatia, especially along the Adriatic coast.  With its very mild winter weather.  Lots of Spas, wellness centres and dentists.   Fly in for some tests and investigations and save a fortune.  All kinds of surgery available at very good prices.

Croatia is a lovely safe and healthy environment  to have a medical procedure, recover, then return home.  
Send an enquiry to Livia who can source whatever you need in any part of Croatia or telephone me on 01354 610 368


Next years's surgery sessions in Malta, start at the end of January.  The weather will still be nice and the hotels will be at their best prices.  Consultations in London on the 18th December.  
See the prices here

     Insurance for travel for surgery

A reminder that we can offer the only insurance available for patients travelling worldwide for treatment.  This includes dental, cosmetic, IVF and a host of medical procedures.

This is the only policy available, and you can buy this policy from us, even if you are not using our surgeons or dentists for your treatment.  You can
request a quote from the web site here.

     What else can we do?

Don't forget, I can provide other medical and dental treatments and can source a lot of options for self funding treatments if you don't want to wait for the NHS.

Dentistry    Obesity surgery    Ophthalmic & eye treatments    Hair restoration    Health checks

Vascular Surgery   Gynaecology   Orthopedic surgery

If you have a problem you can't find in the lists, just let me know and I will see what I can do.

     Cosmetic Surgery in London, Malta, Paris and Tunisia

The next consultations in London will be 18 December.   Please let me know if you would like to book


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