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before arm lift surgery

After arm lift surgery


Linda Briggs brings an end to dreaded ‘bingo-wings

People jokingly refer to them as ‘bingo-wings’, but if you suffer from unsightly loose skin or excess fat in your upper arms it’s no laughing matter.


Happily, there is a solution.  It’s called a Brachioplasty or ‘arm-lift’ in simple terms and thanks to the efforts of leading independent cosmetic surgery adviser Linda Briggs, you can find a highly qualified cosmetic surgeon to perform a Brachioplasty for you at the best possible price.

As an advocate of high quality cosmetic surgery herself,
Linda Briggs assumed the role of independent adviser to the many people who seek cosmetic or plastic surgery, but don’t know where to look for help or how to distinguish a reputable and safe cosmetic surgeon from a disreputable one.  Linda Briggs and her husband have done the research for you.  For more than a decade they have sought out the best cosmetic and plastic surgeons in the UK and abroad, to provide great value for money on a range of surgical procedures.


Before brachioplasty surgery

After brachioplasty surgery


Removing excess fat from the upper arms can sometimes be achieved by liposuction, but in cases where the skin has lost its elasticity and has become flaccid (perhaps after pregnancy or a significant loss of weight) a Brachioplasty is the best solution for restoring a healthy-looking upper arm.  The procedure itself only takes two hours and care is taken to minimise the visibility of scarring, although the size of scar will depend upon the severity of the arm’s condition.


To ensure the best possible results for anyone looking for an arm-lift, Linda Briggs has found skilled cosmetic surgeons who operate at the highest levels of hygiene and safety, whilst additionally representing the best value for money available.  The surgeons that have fulfilled Linda Briggs’ extremely high criteria for offering a Brachioplasty can be found here


Linda will happily advise you on suitable budget flights to your chosen destination for surgery and can also suggest accommodation too.  Language will not be a problem as Linda insists that her chosen cosmetic surgeons and their staff speak English.

Although a Brachioplasty is a relatively quick and low-risk procedure, you may wish to recuperate in your destination of choice for a while.  If so, Linda Briggs can make all of the arrangements for you to turn your cosmetic surgery trip into a
stress-free holiday.

‘Bingo-wings’ don’t have to be the butt of cruel jokes; with Linda Briggs’ independent help and advice you can have confidence in obtaining a high quality arm-lift at the best possible price.


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