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Linda Briggs in Hungary -
Dentistry in Budapest, Hungary



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Advice from Linda Briggs

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Hungary has a good reputation
for quality dental work at realistic prices.   As always, there are good and bad everywhere, so choose your dentist wisely.  We have made a selection here and are adding to them all the time, so call us, if you can find what you are looking for.

Linda Briggs in Budapest Hungary - Dental Consultations and Treatment in Ireland

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Linda Briggs in Hungary now offers Dental Consultations and Treatment in Dublin!

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Following numerous requests from our Irish patients, The Linda Briggs in Hungary Senior Consulting Dentist from Budapest is now visiting Dublin every month for consultations and treatments.  All treatments can be carried out at the Dublin clinic at prices that are very much below those of most clinics in Ireland by a very experienced Hungarian dental specialist in a modern state of the art clinic.

For even more savings, your treatment can be provided in Budapest, combined with a very pleasant holiday in a lively and fascinating city.  There are direct low-cost flights from Dublin ( with connections from Cork) to Budapest.  Depending on the total cost of your dental treatment, you may be eligible for free flights and 5 nights bed and breakfast accommodation in a 4-star hotel.

The Clinic is easy to reach by car and public transport, and is located near a pleasant park, in the south of Dublin.  Private on-site parking is available, and there is a bus stop just across the road.

A Consultation consists of an oral examination of your mouth, a Panoramic OPG X-ray (unless you already have one taken recently), a Treatment Plan individually tailored to your needs, a total price quotation, and the opportunity to discuss your requirements in detail with your dentist.  If your treatment is to be carried out in Budapest the dentist will explain how many visits are needed etc.

The cost of the consultation is nominal and includes the oral examination, Panoramic OPG X-ray, personalised Treatment Plan and a total price quotation.  If you already have an X-ray, and another is not required, the cost of the consultation will be 40 EUR. However, the cost of the consultation (with or without X-ray) is deductible from the cost of any future treatment either in Dublin or Budapest.

The clinic provides a comfortable and caring environment in a contemporary style.  The treatment rooms use the latest technology, with dental programmes, x-ray systems and oral cameras integrated into the chair and its multimedia system.

The dental chair used in the Dublin clinic, the KAVO E80, is one of the very best dental chairs available, and this is the only one in Ireland!  The treatment room has a television and calming music to provide distraction during your treatment.  All of the x-ray units are digital, so the results can be displayed in front of you on a screen, and every step of your treatment can be explained to you, before, during or after your treatment.

If you would like a consultation in Dublin, or further information on the Linda Briggs in Hungary dental or cosmetic surgery services

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Or telephone
01354 610368

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