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Cosmetic surgery in Tunisia with loveley weather and beautiful seas

Cosmetic surgery and a variety of general surgery in Tunisia
On the Mediterranean, beautiful seas and hot weather.

 |  Nearest airport, Tunis Carthage

The only GMC Specialist registered surgeon working in Tunisia |  Consultations in Harley Street, London  |  A beautiful International hospital with A&E and ITU facilities.  |  All types of specialists available, ask Linda for details.

 |  Nearest airport, Monastir or Tunis Carthage

Very nice Clinique for cosmetic surgery and aestheitc treatments. Its possile to organise a procedure during your stay on a package holiday, ask Linda for details.

 |  Nearest airport, Monastir

Beautiful hospital, close to beach, hotels and all other facilities.
Beautiful area for a family holiday combined with surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery in romantic Tunisia

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