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Linda Briggs Cosmetic Surgery & Dentistry in Budapest, Hungary
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Why choose Linda Briggs in Hungary for cosmetic surgery?

Linda Briggs in Budapest, Hungary for cost effective cosmetic/plastic and general surgery and dentistry.  Highly trained experienced and skilled surgeons

Budapest, Hungary
Linda Briggs was established in 1999 in England offering; Full support in Hungary with Resident English Representative.  Excellent value for money cosmetic surgery and dentistry

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Linda Briggs is a UK-based company with over 23 years experience
in advising patients where to go for cosmetic surgery and other treatments.  All the surgeons and dentists Linda works with in Budapest are personally known to her, and, unlike any other company arranging surgery in Budapest, there is the added benefit of  a native English respresentative (not just English speaking), who fully understands the needs of UK patients, to provide you with plenty of reassurance, support and great aftercare.  Linda's representative in Hungary, based in Budapest, moved from the UK to liaise with and look after patients before, during and after their surgery and dental treatments, and to make the whole experience, from start to finish, as easy and straightforward as possible

Budapest is an excellent choice for first-class surgery at very affordable prices
but with no compromise in standards.  Linda only works with leading surgeons in Hungary, who have undergone a long and demanding training in their chosen speciality.  By law they have to complete training in a general surgical field leading to a registered qualification before being allowed to continue with their further plastic/cosmetic surgery training and qualification.  Following this all our surgeons have years of experience treating Hungarian, European and UK patients.  Our surgeons take part in continuous further training, attending seminars and conferences at home and abroad and are familiar with all the latest treatments.  However, the surgeons will only carry out procedures that they consider to be in a patient’s best interests and will provide a safe, effective and pleasing result.   All the cosmetic/plastic surgeons recommended by Linda Briggs in Hungary speak English and have a very sympathetic and caring manner as well as first-class qualifications, surgical skills and experience.

The hospitals and clinics are modern
dedicated private self-contained cosmetic surgery units offering comfortable well-equipped patient rooms and are spotlessly clean and hygienic.  The nursing care is good, and  always highly praised by our patients.  One of the clinics we work with is a modern, dedicated state of the art cosmetic/plastic unit with comfortable well-equipped patient rooms for post surgery, single or twin rooms, air conditioning, wall-mounted wide screen TVs, four state of the art operating theatres, recovery rooms, and consulting and treatment rooms -  offering every comfort to our patients.  

How do I find out if I am suitable for cosmetic surgery procedures in Budapest?

First of all we ask to see some photographs so that our surgeons can provide you with an opinion and recommendations as to the best possible treatment/s for you.  It is also very helpful to let our surgeons know why you are considering this particular surgery and the results you would like to achieve.   Details of any previous cosmetic/plastic surgeries should also be provided - with dates, Although we do require all patients to complete a comprehensive Health Questionnaire/Medical History prior to surgery it is helpful at this stage to know if there are any ongoing or previous medical problems that the surgeon and anaesthetist should be aware of

Once we hear back from our surgeons we will contact you with the information given including
 confirmation of  the total prices for the recommended procedures
.  Then if you should decide that surgery in Hungary is the best option for you, we can discuss a suitable date with your surgeon, suggest suitable accommodation if you require this, and advise on flights (which you need to book yourself).  Once the actual surgery date is confirmed, we ask you to pay a deposit  to secure the surgery slot with the surgeon.  The final balance is due 14 days prior to your date of travel.  At the time of booking we send you our comprehensive Health Questionnaire, which needs to be completed.

Where can I stay in Budapest when I come for surgery
Budapest is a lively and cosmopolitan city and offers a wide range of hotels and apartments to suit all budgets and tastes.  We do recommend self-catering apartments for cosmetic surgery patients as this option allows you greater freedom/flexibility and is ideal for post-operative recovery.  The rates for these very good, starting at around 40 EUR per night for a small studio apartment .  Larger 1/2 bedroom apartments start at around 50 EUR per night.  The prices depend, of course, on the time of year, the number of guests, and the length of stay. Budapest is a very popular citybreak destination for tourists, and so obviously the summer months have higher prices. All the recommended apartments are located in quiet residential buildings offering peace and privacy, but located in very central locations, with shops, cafes, restaurants, etc very close by.  All are fully equipped and have good Wifi. We are happy to help with accommodation and provide advice as to suitability for  your post-op recovery.

Where is Budapest and how do I get there?
Budapest is the capital city of Hungary, in Central Europe, and can be reached from various UK airports  (London and Regional airports)  by direct flights, including several low-cost budget airlines.  Ryanaira flies from Dublin (with connections from Cork), Easyjet flies from London Gatwick, Manchester, Wizz Air from Luton, Jet2Com from Manchester, Leeds/Bradford, Edinburgh, and British Airways fly from London Heathrow (scheduled flights) and often have good offers. Also there are budget flights from  East Midlands and and Liverpool.  KLM fly via Amsterdam from most regional UK airports - but this is usually a more expensive option.  

Budapest's airport is called 'Liszt Ferenc International Airport' and is about 20-30 minutes from the city centre.  The airport code is BUD. All  UK and Irish flights arrive/depart from Terminals 2B and European flights from 2A.

Linda Briggs in Hungary does not arrange flights to Budapest for cosmetic surgery but recommend that you book these yourself online as this enables you to get the cheapest prices.  The earlier you book the better the price and availability.

What happens when I arrive in Budapest?
The present arrangement  (since the start of the Covid pandemic) is that on arrival into the Airport Terminal you should make phone contact with the English-speaking driver to advise that you have arrived!   After completing all the formalities (Health checks, Immigration/Customs/Baggage Reclaim and pass through into the Arrivals Hall you should again call your driver.  He will tell you where he will meet you.  He will then take you to your accommodation - either hotel or apartment (where your apartment host will meet you).  Depending on what time you arrive the Linda Briggs Representative will be waiting at your accommodation (but not for night-time or very early morning flights)Your programme for the next few days will be explained in detail, and then depending on the time of your arrival, you will be given a brief tour of the surrounding area and shown where the shops etc are located and provided with the necesary information for your stay in Budapest.

When should I arrive in Budapest?
For cosmetic surgery patients undergoing procedures under General anaesthesia, we recommend that they arrive on Day 1, have their pre-op tests and checks on Day 2, and surgery on the morning of Day 3.  The surgeons prefer this as it gives times for everything to be carried out in an unhurried way and allows the patient to rest and relax before the surgery.
However for some patients time is all-important and therefore in such cases we can sometimes arrange for tests to be carried out in the afternoon on the day of arrival (but you must arrive by noon into the city).  For those having procedures under Local anaesthesia arrival the day before is sufficient – unless of course you prefer to have an extra day prior to surgery for sightseeing or resting.  Some of our patients like to come a few days beforehand to acclimatise, and see some of the many delights that Budapest has to offer!.

Where do I have the pre-op tests and checks and what do they consist of?
The pre-op tests and checks are essential and without them surgery cannot go ahead. Arrangements will be made before you come out for these to be carried out before your surgery in Budapest.  The blood tests will  wherever possible be booked for around 9am in the morning - and you should not eat or drink anything other than tap water when you get up (tap water in Budapest is very safe to drink and consuming a few glasses before the blood testing ensures that the blood is flowing freely and is easy to take.  You also need to take your passport/Covid vaccination/PCR test (if applicable) to the testing centre.

The tests required will depend on what your surgeon and anaesthetist have requested - but  will include full blood tests for General Anaesthesia procedures,, blood grouping where required, urine testing - and in some cases Chest X-ray/EKG.  If having certain breast procedures or abdominal surgery, you might also require an ultrasound check and mammogram if deemed necessary.

The pre-op tests prior to your cosmetic surgery will be carried out in a specialist medical testing centre and the results sent over to the clinic where the surgery is taking place.

What happens on the day before surgery?
After the pre-op tests are completed, the rest of the day is yours to relax, do some shopping, enjoy a good meal, and prepare yourself for your surgery the next day.  If staying in an apartment you should stock up with food sufficient for the first day or two after you come out of the clinic. You can eat and drink normally up until midnight before surgery, but after midnight no food or drink of any kind must be consumed.

What happens on the day of surgery?

On the morning of your surgery, we will give you a wake-up call, just to make sure you are on time for the clinic.  Your Linda Briggs representative will collect you in a taxi and take you to the clinic or hospital.  You will be shown into your room and will be given the necessary  paperwork to read and sign.  After your surgeon and anaesthetist have visited you to discuss your procedure/s etc, you will be prepared for surgery. 

The days after your surgery
The following morning after a General Anaesthesia procedure which requires you to stay overnight, once you have been examined by the surgeon and declared fit to leave, we will take you back to your apartment or hotel, settle you in, and make sure you have everything you need, and get you any small items of  shopping if needed. You should rest as much as possible  on the first day after surgery - but in between rest periods you need to walk around your accommodation. After a couple of days you should be ready and able to go outside for short walks - a coffee - but to either sit down or return to your accommodation when you start to feel tired.  We will keep in regular contact by phone and check that everything is progressing well. .  If you need anything, we are only a phone call away, and in some cases, just down the road!  As and when requested by the surgeon, you will return to the clinic for post-op checks, bandage changes, and suture removal where applicable.

Will I be well enough after my surgery to go out and see something of Budapest?
Yes you will!  Most of our patients are well enough after a day or two post-op to go out, and enjoy some of the sights and facilities of this beautiful city.  The apartments we recommend are in a central location, and surrounded by food shops, cafes, restaurants - and everything you will need during your stay in Budapest.  We will suggest places near to where you are staying. that are suitable for those first trips out.  The shopping in Budapest is excellent, and varied, from small Hungarian shops to western style huge shopping malls (around 14 up to date!) cheap and cheerful fashion right up to the high-end designer, ie Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Burberry, to name but a few!  The Sightseeing buses are highly recommended for post-op patients.  A gentle glide along the Danube at night on one of the glass-domed boats is often the highlight of a patient's stay in Budapest.  For those having facial surgery, bring a pair of dark glasses and a hat/shawl and you will be well disguised.!

How long do I have to stay in Budapest after my surgery?
This depends on the procedure you are having, and also your surgeon's recommendations.  Once the surgeon has seen your photos, and given you his opinion, he will advise the minimum post op stay.  You must bear in mind that this will be the minimum recommended time, and if possible you should arrange to stay in Budapest as long as you can - to ensure you are fully rested and recovered and that everything is progressing normally - before returning home.  If returning before all the sutures are removed, then you will need to make arrangements before your trip to Budapest, for suture removal at home.  You should always take your surgeon's advice on this.

Is there anything I should do when I return home?
When you are discharged from the clinic you will be given written post-operative recovery instructions - which you should read and follow! You should continue to take things easy, and follow these post-op instructions.  If you have any concerns or questions as to your progress or aftercare please get in touch with your Linda Briggs representative who will contact the surgeon if necessary. It is important not to overdo things at home nor to rush straight back to work.  If you have made arrangements to have your remaining sutures removed at home, take note of the date the surgeon tells you this should be done.   Keep wearing the support/ compression garment/s, if applicable, for the complete length of time specified by your surgeon (no short cuts)..  Eat healthily and look after yourself and do not become impatient waiting for the final results of your surgery to become apparent - it will take time - in the meantime enjoy the New You and the compliments you will receive!

Your surgeon will ask you to send photos after three months and six months - so that he can see the results of his handiwork (remember unlike Hungarian patients the surgeons cannot see the final results - so photos are the only way of knowing how you are making good progress.

What is there to do and see in  Budapest?

...and what more

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