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Advice about dentists in Budapest, Hungary

Expert Advice is a must

Linda Briggs has spent the last nine years researching surgeons, clinics and the different country options available to have surgery in, whether it is cosmetic, general, orthopaedic or dentistry. The options are vast. Here she outlines her experiences and advises any prospective medical tourists on the best options for you.


Surgeons are all different in experience and training, so you need to find the surgeon who is the one most likely to be able to give you what you want.


You might think that considering cosmetic surgery would be a simple thing to do in this age of the Internet and TV.  However it can turn out to be the most complicated and stressful thing that you will do for years.
How do you find a good option? This is where Linda Briggs comes in with her research abilities and a knack of finding out information that is not usually available to the general public.  Linda has now found over 26 countries around the world that can offer surgery to residents of Ireland and the UK and the services on offer are very high.  There are of course, good and bad surgeons all over the world.  Having a beautiful web site does not necessarily mean the surgeon is a good surgeon.


Try Budapest in Hungary for dentistry

You can have cosmetic surgery overseas to save money, which is usually the reason most patients want to go overseas, but the rich and famous will take this option for privacy and to have time to recover without the press finding them and they would use the top clinics available.

There are all sorts of reasons why people want to have medical treatment overseas including wanting to avoid hospital-acquired infections, which are prevalent in the UK at this time.

The best places to go. says Linda Briggs "for dentistry try Budapest in Hungary but a lot of Eastern European countries have some very good dentists like Croatia and Poland. Most countries will have some good general hospitals with surgeons specialising is cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. You have to bear in mind the styles and shapes of the women in those countries, for instance, women in Brazil are curvier than in Europe, so the Brazilian Butt Lift will make you the shape of a Brazilian. There is a very good surgeon in Paris carrying
out this technique.  Don't go to South America if you want European looking breasts, as they tend to make the breasts look too high.

Overall you can't say one country is better than another for a procedure, as most
surgeons will travel the world to learn new techniques. When looking for a face-lift, consider that most English surgeons are very conservative and if you want a longer lasting face-lift, you should consider America.

All countries have their equivalent of the GMC
All countries will have their equivalent of the GMC, which is a statutory body that all medical professionals must be registered with, in order to be able to work. There are also a lot of memberships that surgeons can have. These do not necessarily mean they are better surgeons than someone who is not registered but it does show where their particular interests lie.

Patient's expectations are sometimes very high and cosmetic surgery is not an exact science.

 If you are after absolute perfection, don't go for cosmetic surgery, as you could be disappointed. Surgeons are all different in experience and training, so you need to find the surgeon who is the one most likely to be able to give you what you want.

Going on holiday and having surgery at the same time is the norm these days, with many people only getting their annual leave in which to do it. It makes sense to use your holiday, so that you don't have to rush back to work or feel under pressure to feed the kids or the husband!

It is very important to remember if you want to travel overseas, you need the surgeon for your needs, he/she also needs to consider your needs as a medical tourist and be sympathetic to the fact you need to fly back home at some point and that suitable provision has been made for you to contact someone in the UK if you need to.

Going overseas for cosmetic surgery is by no means cut and dried. It's not easy, but is certainly  possible to arrange. Patients need to be sensible and listen to all advice given. There is no such thing as a lunchtime boob job; the body still needs time to heal, no matter how long the surgery took."

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