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Leisure time  in Budapest, Hungary with Linda Briggs


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Linda Briggs Guide to Budapest
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If you're heading out to Budapest for treatment, and expecting to have some extra time on your hands, you'll want to know where to shop, eat, have a coffee or tea and/or go out and have a little fun. We're out and about all the time, so try out some of Linda's recommendations while you're there.

Restaurants We Love!

Café Kör(Sas utca 17) "Café circle" is a linchpin of the city's culinary scene. Some call the fare Hungarian, some call it Hungarian-French, but we just call it tasty. Reservations indispensable, especially at night.

Csalogány 26 (Buda side, near Batthyany tér, Csalogány u. 26) The unusual location and downplayed decor hides a real culinary treat run by one of Budapest's top chefs. Whatever they put on the ever-changing menu, you can be sure they will do it well and it’s affordable.

Klassz (Andrássy út 41.) One of the newest on the ever-changing Budapest restaurant scene. Laid back, great décor, fantastic wine list and good prices. Can’t make reservations, try to get there earlier to get a table.

White Heaven (Szent István tér 4.) Sit at the gate of Heaven, in the shade of St. Stephen’s Basilica.Gorgeous décor, divine food off one of Budapest’s most spectacular squares.

Lugas (Bajcsy-Zsilinsky út 15) Family style Hungarian restaurant, with tasty, inexpensive food. Behind the Bazilica.

GOA (Andrássy út 8) Upscale bar-restaurant on Budapest's answer to the Champs-Elysées. Friendly staff dressed in black serve a mix of Hungarian, Cajan and Asian foods. The Goa martini a must: a zesty mix of vodka, pineapple and fresh ginger.

Menza (Liszt Ferenc tér 2) Styled after Hungary's 1970s-era cafeterias, this is a very lively restaurant-café-bar. Really stylish and cosy. Great food at reasonable prices. Great place to eat at any time of the day.

Pampas Argentine Steakhouse (Vámház körút 6) Best steak in Budapest and great wine list. Good service too.

Tom George (Október 6. utca 8) The Budapest socialite's favourite. Upscale restaurant with London style, but half the price. Very good atmosphere, great value service and food (menu includes sushi and vegetarian dishes).

Trattoria Toscana (Belgrád rkp. 13) The atmosphere is rustic, upscale and authentic. The delicious and fresh cuisine - billed as Tuscan - includes a substantial selection of fish and meat dishes.

Ocean bar&grill (Petőfi tér 3) Finally fresh seafood in Budapest - great menu, affordable, in the center

Stex ház(József krt. 55-57) A square meal at any time of day. Two pool tables and cheap pints.


Várkert (Ybl Miklós tér 9) open 14-05am. Fee entry & drinks.

Las Vegas Casino (Roosevelt tér 2 - inside the Sofitel Budapest Hotel) open daily, 0-24


Becketts (Bajcsy Zsilinszky út 72, +36 1 311-1035) Irish/sports bar/restaurant; 12-03

Champs (Dohány utca 20) Sports Bar; 12-02

Café-packed Squares and Streets

Ráday utca (Starts from Kalvin square) A lively street full of bars, cafés & restaurants.

Liszt Ferenc tér (Near Oktogon) A square full of bars, cafés & restaurants. A must see.

Hajós utca  (Near Opera) Quiet street lined with cafes and bars


Club B7 (Nagymezo utca at Dessewffy) Bar/Nightclub/Restaurant; 18-04 Gets going late. Winter Only. 1000 HUF entry fee.

Piaf (Nagymező utca 25) Late night Bar/Disco; 22-06 Really gets crazy after 2 AM, definitely a hotbed for insane, all-night partiers. Entry fee varies.

Buddha Beach/Inside (Közraktár utca 9-11) Huge warehouse restored to be a giant nightclub with several bars and 2 separate DJ’s/dancefloors. In the summer Inside goes out, next to the warehouse there’s a sprawling party space on a big patch of cement. Can probably lay claim to being the largest and flashiest of the downtown kerts. Gets crowded on weekends. During summer free entry. During winter 1500 HUF for men only.

‘Big’ West Balkan (8th district, Futó utca - Corvin sétány) Used to be a warehouse of some kind that has now been converted to a café, pub and danceclub, depending on the time of day and the music. Gets packed on weekends. Complete lack of glitz gives it a house party feel.  Table football in the front pub part. No entry fee.

Studio, Dokk and BED (Shipyard Island and Obuda) These are the best nightclubs in Budapest showcasing top international DJ’s. They rotate weekends, so ask your guide which one is open.Open Fridays and Saturdays all summer on Shipyard Island. Entry fees vary

Rom Kert (Outdoor - Buda side of Erzsébet bridge, south side) Re-opened outdoor dance club right next to the newly restored Rudas Baths.   Free entry


4Play Lounge (VIII. József krt. 60.) Newest stripclub in town, English speaking, expat owned and managed. Best looking girls and best prices. 21:00 – 05:00 (will open earlier on request) Free Entry

Chippendales - for the Ladies

4Play Lounge – why should the lads have all the fun? (VIII. József krt. 60.) Chippendale shows are available at 4Play Lounge, one of Budapest’s finest strip clubs. Weekly shows on Wednesdays starting July 11th, 2007. Entry fees and start times vary, so please ask your rep.

Shopping Centres

WestEnd City Center (1062 Budapest, Váci út 1-3) Open: Daily, 8-23 Transport: M3, Nyugati Pályaudvar

Mammut (1024 Budapest, Lövoház utca 2-4) Open: Mon.-Sat., 10-21; Sun., 10-18 Transport: Tram 4-6, Széna tér; M2, Moszkva tér


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