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Cosmetic Surgery & Dentistry in Budapest, Hungary
Leisure time  in Budapest, Hungary with Linda Briggs



Cosmetic Surgery and Dentistry in Budapest, Hungary
Leisure programs in Budapest with Linda Briggs


Wondering what you can do while you're here in Budapest? Linda Briggs in Budapest can help you organize all your sightseeing and leisure programs during your stay. Of course, how much you will be able to do and see will clearly depend on your treatment, but take a look at all the great things we have to offer you in one of Europe's most exciting new destinations for health tourism


See Budapest with a Private Guide

A local guide will meet you at your apartment and take you on any of the activities you choose. Complimentary restaurant reservations included. You can choose from the list below. Any tickets, entry fees, food/drink or extra costs must be paid directly by you. In all cases, your guide will meet you at your hotel or apartment and then help arrange transfers, tickets, etc as necessary. Minimum is 3 hours

Walking City Tour

Guided Nightlife Tour
Your guide will meet you at your apartment and take you on a tailored tour of Budapest's pubs, bars and clubs. Just tell them what types of places you're interested in, and they'll tailore the tour to your tastes.

Wine Tour
 Hungarian House of Wines

Café and Patisserie Tour
Budapest is famous for it's coffee houses and wondrous pastry shops

Market Tour
Ecseri Flea Market - Take a bus to Budapest's famous antique and junk flea market. It's about 15 minute bus ride.

Fovam square market - Beautiful indoor market hall in the center of town.

Petofi csarnok - weekends only. Outdoor flea market in City Park. Entry fee.

Boat Tour
Day or Night, cost varies from 4000-5000 HUF depending on time of day . Tours leave every hour during the day, last one at 22:00

Thermal Baths
A visit to Szechenyi baths is a must. A gorgeous castle-like building with various temperature pools inside and out.

Trip to Szentendre
Szentendre is a quaint village in the bend of the Danube River. It is a short ride with the suburban railway (HÉV)

Museum Tours

Hungarian National Gallery / Magyar Nemzeti Galéria
The National Gallery’s permanent exhibition reveals the history of Hungarian art from the very birth of the nation, including architectural remains, carvings, reliefs and paintings.

Budapest History Museum
The Budapest History Museum, also known as the Castle Museum (Vár Múzeum), traces the 2000 years of the city on three floors of jumbled exhibits. Restored palace rooms dating from the 15th century can be entered from the basement, which contains an exhibit on the Royal Palace in medieval Buda.

Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art
This museum is the only one collecting and exhibiting international contemporary art. The museum shows works by American, Russian, German and French artists from the past 50 years and Hungarian, Czech, lovakian, Romanian, Polish and Slovenian works from the 1990s onward.

Military History Museum
Loaded with weaponry from before the Turkish conquest, the Museum of Military History also does a good job with uniforms, medals, flags and battle-themed fine art. Exhibits focus on the 1848-49 War of Independence and the Hungarian Royal Army under Admiral Miklós Horthy (1918-43) and has all you could want to know about Hungary's rich military history.

House of Terror / Terror Háza
This museum, housed in the same building that served as headquarters of the dreaded ÁVH secret police, focuses on the crimes and atrocities committed by both Hungary's fascist and Stalinist regimes.

Museum of Applied Arts / Iparmuvészeti Múzeum
 Hungary's museum of applied and decorative arts features long-running temporary exhibitions, as well as a permanent collection.

The Hungarian National Museum / Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum
Displays the history of the Hungarian people and Hungary. The building was designed by neo-classical architect Mihály Pollack.

Arts Hall/ Mucsarnok
Budapest's main contemporary fine arts exhibition hall also contains a notable art book store, and doubles as a cinema.

Museum of Fine Arts / Szépmuvészeti Múzeum
Hungary’s premier gallery, the Museum of Fine Arts houses an impressive collection of European art, including Medieval, Baroque and Renaissance works from major artists from Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Britain, France and Belgium.

Museum of Ethnography / Néprajzi Múzeum
Hungary's ethnography museum, which occupies the former Palace of Justice, features a permanent exhibition entitled "Folk Culture of the Hungarians" as well as regular temporary exhibits.

Detox and Relax Day Spa Package

Experience the modern tranquility of Budapest's most trendy day spas. Included in the package is a 60 minute massage or comparable treatment. If you wish to book a longer or more extensive treatment, we will let you know the additional cost. The list of options is extensive: Watsu, Indian Stone treatment and Mauri massage, just to name a few.

Also included in the package is a private guide, use of the facilities, locker room, towels, slippers, robes, detoxing teas, juices.

Transport is not included. Your guide will meet you at your apartment and help arrange transfers. Once your done with your time at the spa your guide will be waiting to help arrange transfers back.

The spas we use are all located in the city centre, and the friendly, English-speaking staff will look after all your needs

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