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A Facelift through the eyes of a 'Facelift Buddy'
Back to Gill's diary

Gill and I have been friends for what seems, all my life in fact I think I was 26 when I met her, Gill and her husband John are now a big part of my life.

So now to the reason for this Journal, Gill wants a face and neck lift!  Scary!  To me Gill is one of the most beautiful people that I have ever met, slim with lovely skin and hair.  Does she need a face and neck lift?  No! of course not!
  But it’s something Gill has always wanted, so I’m here with her in Budapest to support her through it.  Having had my eyes done several years ago I can honestly say it changed my life and if its something you want ,then go for it and ring Linda Briggs – she will hel p you every step of the way.

Gill made all the arrangements through Linda and we have arrived in Budapest for the procedure to take place.

We have been met by Carolyn – a lovely lady with a big smile, plenty to say and lots to tell us, we were taken to our new home for the next 10 days, a nice apartment on the Pest side of Budapest.
  Carolyn settled us in, giving us a mobile phone to use should we need her help for anything. Carolyn told Gill would be picked up the next day at 7.30am for our journey to the hospital

Monday 10th October 2011
The day has arrived, I feel very anxious not because of what Gill is having done ,but I just hope it will be everything that Gill wanted, I’ve not slept for several nights before hand and do feel tired.

We arrived at the hospital, it was just how I expected it to look, old and quite a dull building but on the second floor of the building a private wing for cosmetic surgery.  Carolyn and I went with Gill to a clean two bedded room with private toilet facilities, shower etc, flat screen TV on the wall.  Gill had her X ray done, blood taken, ECG done, and we all chatted and laughed, Gill was brought a rather becoming green outfit to put on,
  she spoke to the anaesthetist, then the surgeon at length about what she expected and what she wanted, the surgeon drew on her face! then in no time at all, Gill was on the trolley and off!

As I watched her go through the doors, I wanted to cry but I knew it was what she wanted – I was there to support her not fall apart!

Carolyn and I left the hospital.  Carolyn showed me where to change some money and kindly called a taxi for me.
  I went back to the apartment pottered around, got some food went for a walk along the Danube.  I was only back half an hour when the mobile phone Carolyn had given us to use rang - it was Carolyn to say Gill was back in her room and everything was a complete success.  We decided that Gill would be better off sleeping and I would not see her until the next day when Carolyn would bring her back to the apartment at around 11.00am.

Tuesday 11th October 2011
10.00am The mobile phone rang this morning, it was Carolyn asking if I had a good night and telling me Gill was a model patient, of course I knew she would be, I spoke to Gill quickly and said see you later.

The door bell rang,- I was apprehensive as I opened the door.  I was not sure what to expect but Gill looked great, she was smiling, had a white head bandage around her head, which not unsightly or big,  it was like a brace made of material, I was so surprised how well she looked, bruising which was to be expected but not that bad.  Gill rested for most of the day, she had a little bit of a problem opening her mouth wide to eat and drink but we got over that problem.

Carolyn was again there 24/7 for us,
she obviously spoke to Gill saying if she was worried about anything just give her a call and then said to me if I was worried about Gill even in the night then I must call her.

Wednesday 12th October
Gill seemed fine today, she did take some paracetamol more for discomfort than pain – that’s what she told me.  She looked good, slightly more swollen today but good.  Carolyn checked on us again, stayed for Coffee and talked about us getting out and about in Budapest.   I must admit I thought Gill will not be well enough for that, so we will take things as they come.  We had a quiet day, watched some DVD’s and talked.

Thursday 13th October 2011
Carolyn checked on us, we had another quiet day. DVD’s and early to bed.

Friday 14th October 2011
D Day – today we went to the hospital where the surgeon took off the head piece, when I seen Gill it was almost unbelievable to see her - only a few days before a neck and face lift!  Now she looked fantastic, her face was still swollen and going slightly yellow with bruising, but she looked amazing.

After the head brace was off, we washed Gills hair, it took a few washes to get the blood out then there was no stopping her, I was concerned she was over doing it but she said she felt fine, so with a scarf around her bruised neck, (liposuction) we started to explore Budapest.  We went on the hop on hop off buses red and pink route, river trip down the Danube and walked the city to the sights we had missed on previous days, oh we shopped as well!
 We stayed in Budapest until Wednesday 19th October, Carolyn was on hand 24/7, with advice, help, laughter, tourist advice and her knowledge of Budapest is impressive.

Monday 17th October 2011
After some sight seeing we met Carolyn again at the hospital to have Gill's stitches out, we met two other ladies there today having procedures done.

The surgeon was so pleased with Gill and how she was healing he took out all her stitches before we left. – Face lift, neck lift, liposuction to the neck all in 10 days from start to finish!
- Just amazing.

Wednesday 19th October 2011
Today we left the lovely city of Budapest, Carolyn arrived early had a coffee with us, the taxi arrived and we said our goodbye’s

I absolutely loved Budapest and will definitely visit again, I would highly recommend using
Linda Briggs in Hungary.  Caroly n is fantastic and a credit to the Linda Briggs organisation.
  From my point of view she made our stay easy, enjoyable and if we had needed her at any silly time of day or night, I know it would not have been a problem.

Thank you for giving my friend the face and neck she wanted and looking after us both so well.

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