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Testimonials and reviews from satisfied patients 2009 - Continued
Cosmetic Surgery in Hungary with Linda Briggs


Linda, Lancashire, upper and lower Blepharoplasty, March 2009
Hi I am just writing a few lines about the Linda Briggs experience. Me, I had a face-neck lift October 2008, I wrote a testimonial about that on Linda Briggs website previously. I have since been back in March this year to ‘finish the job’ ie, have my upper-lower eyes done, in the private clinic in the Buda hills which is lovely, very relaxing, and very very clean. Carolyn, who works for Linda Briggs was looking after me, and let me stay at her apartment, where she looked after me and cared for me very well. She picked me up from the airport, and came to the clinic with me, and supported me in every way possible, The lovely Dr K did my eyes.  I am so so happy and pleased with everything, and am now saving up for more. I am ‘greedy" - well why not, expert surgery and comfort, company, and don’t forget the care -  Brilliant, I would  recommend this to anybody.

About the surgeon
My experience in Budapest was really the best, I had my upper-lower eyes done at the private cosmetic surgery clinic in the Buda hills. My surgeon is a lady , and I felt so at ease with her and I never had a second thought from the moment I met her. She made me feel so at ease in every way, and explained in detail what she was going to do. The duration of my surgery which was under local anaesthesia, lasted approximately 3hrs. She spoke to me all the way through it, and I didn’t suffer any pain at all, maybe just a little discomfort at some point, but as far as I’m concerned nothing to moan about. I thought the clinic was so so clean, and a lovely smell, I just felt at home there, we discussed the surgery over coffee and biscuits - very nice!  We then went through to her operating room, and she gave me an injection  so i felt sleepy and relaxed. 3hrs later, I was taken to lovely room, covered  over with a blanket, and ice cubes put over my eyes, I drifted into a lovely sleep, and Carolyn who I stayed with while in Budapest, and had taken me there, looked after me, she’s lovely, and watched over me with care. What more can I say ? The whole experience was great.  Dr K is brilliant, and a lovely person too, Thank you. Linda.

Sue,  Ireland, Breast Uplift and Implants, complex rhinoplasty, May 2009
“ I had a breast enlargement  and uplift and a nose job.  I am very happy I came to Budapest because my lady surgeon is very good and she takes great care to make everything perfect.  I would  definitely come back here again.  Also the staff are great and friendly and Linda Briggs’ representative Carolyn is fab at her job, making you feel good  and safe and she is very friendly and nice.  Before I came to Budapest I had two nose operations in Ireland and they were both done badly, but Dr K did a really  great job on my nose – and  also is a very nice surgeon.  The whole experience was great and I would have no problem in telling anyone else about my experience if they were worried about trying this.

Clare, Ireland, Breast reduction and uplift, June 2009
Had a very enjoyable experience. The clinic and surgeon were fantastic!
  Carolyn was brilliant and did more than I could have ever have asked of her. Thrilled with the results and will definitely be back for more surgery in the future.  I love the new boobs - thanks for everything and you were great!

Deborah, West Yorkshire, Tummy Tuck with liposuction, liposuction to inner thighs, and labiaplasty – July 2009 (previously facelift/eyes August 2008)
This is the second time with Dr K and I found the whole experience professional, and as a surgeon she was honest and  knew the result I wanted to achieve.  Last year she performed a face/neck and upper eyelid lift and the results have been excellent. This year a tummy tuck and labiaplasty and liposuction to the inner thighs and I am expecting the same perfect result.  Carolyn in Budapest has been fabulous throughout, and any apprehensions I had were put firmly to the back of my mind.
  excellent surgeon, excellent clinic and nursing staff and excellent aftercare.

I’ll never go anywhere else and would recommend Budapest and Dr K to my friends without hesitation.

Glenda S, London, full facelift, eyes, complex rhinoplasty
Full facelift, necklift, chin liposuction, upper eyes, and complex rhinoplasty with deviated septum and breathing problems.

I made a request through Linda Briggs’ who passed me to Carolyn in Budapest (who is a lovely English lady, knowledgeable and fun).  No question was too small and the care and understanding she gave was wonderful, and I never felt alone.  All the arrangements were organised quickly and efficiently and I had no doubts whatsoever that I had made the right decision in choosing to have surgery through Linda Briggs.

The lady surgeon is very thorough in her consultation – she does not hurry and she makes you feel special.
  She has a very good eye for detail. The clinic is a private one in the hills of Buda with a lovely all-female staff who are friendly and caring.  The nursing staff who provide round-the clock care are wonderful even though their knowledge of English is limited – but this is overcome with the help of a translation book – and of course Dr K is always available to speak to.

I had my surgery with the lovely and very competent lady surgeon and her team, and
  have gently recovered with the help and nurturing of Carolyn. I know the full results will not appear for 6 – 12 months and patiently am awaiting this! However I am making excellent progress and healing well.

I just rested and went along with how I felt, and I am recovering well.
  I bought plenty of books and a slingbox so I could watch TV on my laptop.  I also went for short walks.

I will recommend the services of Linda Briggs in Hungary to all my friends, and if I need any further
  treatments will definitely choose Budapest.  Carolyn in wonderful.  Nothing is too much trouble.  Where else would  you find a true English lady willing to help and assist with any problem?

Dentists: I have visited two dentists in Budapest – one on the Pest side – and although it was pleasant and the people were nice I ended up having treatment without being told the price which, although partly my own fault for not asking, I did feel that if I had to pay such an amount I should have known beforehand.  Also their cleaning treatment was exactly the same as I have in the UK but a lot more expensive.  Are they taking advantage of overseas patients?

Contrary to this, the dentist I visited through Linda Briggs was excellent.
  I had a thorough consultation and the hygienist did a wonderful clean which was far superior to the one I have in the UK.  The staff were charming and professional and gave me a treatment plan for the future which I am thinking about.

DM, full facelift, upper lip elevation, rhinoplasty correction, liposuction to body, September 2009.
My surgery is  now completed here in Budapest, and I can't imagine a better result. Also, throughout my stay, it's been very reassuring to be in the care of Carolyn Thomson. Apart from being very professional and effective, Carolyn made me feel the centre of attention. All of which I'm sure made a huge difference to my recovery and to the quality of my stay in Budapest.

I was surprised at the extent to which Carolyn was prepared to go to ensure that everything went smoothly.
  From liaising with the surgeons and advising on what to expect during and after treatment, to pointing out the attractions of the city, to shopping for anything required during recovery. Most importantly, Carolyn was available to help with any queries or anxieties, and her response was always  prompt and sympathetic.

With regard to Dr K, he understood everything I wanted to achieve, and carried it out effectively. My recovery and healing went very well, and I was pleased that by the time I left my incisions were quite inconspicuous.
  He was very supportive and understanding throughout my stay in Budapest and I recommend him as a professional and very skilled surgeon.

M, North of  England Oct 09, full facelift, upper and lower eyes, cheek augmentation.
“It was reassuring to have Carolyn on hand if needed through the whole process.  It relieved unnecessary stress from arrival to departure.  The surgeon, Dr K, understood what I wanted and has given the very best result for my features.  The nursing staff were very kind and considerate – very much so. A very pleasant experience with many thanks to all at Linda Briggs.  I have had surgery before through Linda, and will do so again!”

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Carolyn yet again for all her help and kindness shown to me and my partner.  It seemed more than her just doing your job. I would like to thank Dr K from the bottom of my heart for the outstanding and amazing work he has done on my face,neck and eyes.  I could not have wished for a better result – to me he is like Michelangelo is to the Sistine Chapel. 
He is truly an amazing surgeon and I thank him with all my heart.

Linda, Lancashire, November 2009 Full Face/necklift, upper and lower eyes
“I would thoroughly recommend Budapest for cosmetic surgery as the treatment I received was excellent.
   The Consultant  and all the hospital staff were very caring and approachable. The surgeon understood what I wanted and made everything as easy as possible,  The clinic was very clean and the apartment was modern and well located. The whole experience was a great success and I would definitely come back here again.  Special thanks to Carolyn – as her before, during and after care was the best.  She was so understanding and patient - very approachable and nothing was too much trouble.  I would be proud to call her my ‘Mum – she’s the best!

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