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Testimonials and reviews from satisfied cosmetic surgery patients 2010
Cosmetic Surgery in Hungary with Linda Briggs


From: Mr Brown
Sent: Thursday, October 28, 2010 2:35 PM
To: Linda Briggs
Cc: Carolyn
Subject: RE: Linda Briggs in Hungary


I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for my wonderful stay in Budapest.  Carolyn was one of the most gracious and courteous professionals I had the privileged of working with.  I did not feel like I was just having surgery, I felt that I was among friends.  The Hospital staff was wonderful, kind and very attentive.  I cannot express how happy I am that I found your company online, I will defiantly recommend your service to all my friends; please pass Carolyn my blessings.

Very Respectfully,
Mr Brown

Breast implant removal, Mastopexy (uplift), replacement (smaller) implants – general anaesthesia – surgery June 2010 – Female patients age 61, Scotland
“ The surgeon is very easy to talk to.  He explained everything about the operation.  The surgery went well and he was very attentive with aftercare.  The clinic in Budapest is clean and the staff are kind and helpful.

The location of the clinic and accommodation in Budapest is excellent – a beautiful city with lots to do and see (if able!).
Carolyn, the Representative of the company is a very caring and helpful lady and is a credit to the Linda Briggs company.

Partial Breast Reduction and Uplift – general anaesthesia – surgery May 2010 – Female Patient age 37, Herts
The pre-paperwork is really really good – even in the time available this was very effective and I do appreciate that Carolyn went the ‘extra mile’ in this organisation.  I could never have afforded my treatment in the UK and do you know what?  I’ m glad!  The surgeon is amazing – no MRSA here (or anything like the UK) – and good old-fashioned nursing.  Don’t hesitate – you will never look back – enjoy your adventure!

Just a quick message to let you know how pleased I am with the whole 'Hungary' experience. Carolyn is an absolute gem and I hope I will be able to count her as a friend for life.  She couldn’t have done more and was on hand to hold my hand and to make the 2 weeks as comfortable and trouble free as possible.  I am sure she will agree that I was not the most 'obedient' patient but we had a laugh and Budapest is truly beautiful. Dr K was charming and I trusted him completely.  I have kept a diary of the whole experience with graphic photos - taken by Carolyn- so am happy to share this with anyone or if it helps I will e-mail or answer any questions anyone may have. Thanks Linda...that's twice you have guided me well best wishes N... - May 2010 facelift

Fat Transfer from abdomen to cheek and under-eye socket areas, and temporal region, under general anaesthesia – surgery May 2010 – Female Patient age 58, Midddlesex
“Overall a good experience.  Liposuction a bit more painful than anticipated.  Accommodation clean and comfy.  Lots to see and do in Budapest but most welcoming was the warmth, help and care from the Linda Briggs representative Carolyn, who made my stay a positive experience”.

My experience in Budapest has been fantastic.  Carolyn was wonderful - a helpful kind and considerate lady.  I believe I wouldn’t have got through it so well if she was not around!

Feeling great , bruising going yellowish... everyone is amazed ... !

Dr K was a very kind and gentle surgeon  - I felt no pain and was made to feel totally calm and relaxed (the sedation may have helped  - it’s wicked ......). The Clinic was spotless and the staff were polite and a very calming atmosphere was felt.  I would  and have recommended to anyone considering surgery to come through Linda Briggs -  and if possible have Dr K -  he was fantastic!

Job well done .. thank you so much the treatment that I received was brilliant!
Julie, age 39, Midlands -  Browlift, Lower Eyelid lift, long-lasting fillers to nasolabial folds – under Local Anaesthesia.  Surgery April 2010

I have nothing but praise for the whole Budapest experience  - from the moment I first contacted Linda to, the very helpful emails, to Carolyn  and through to my leaving – it was better than I could have ever hoped for.  If anyone would like to get in touch with me then I am very happy to talk about it all.  Linda can pass on my email address and telephone number, or I can write about the whole experience on the website. I have kept a diary and with Carolyn’s help have photos from Day 1.

I have had a very positive experience – Carolyn has been very very helpful – couldn’t have done it without her. ...very thoughtful little things such as the ‘goodies’ put in the fridge.  The surgeon is a darling.  He has done an excellent job.  He has been caring, has listened and was efficient.  The time spent in the clinic is short and there was no problem at all and the experience was better than some in the UK!  The nursing staff are very helpful despite some language barrier, though the night nurse spoke good English – but hey we are in their country!

The city has so much to offer.  Thank you for all your help Linda – twice now you have recommended excellently!

Full facelift/necklift with temporal lift  - liposuction, surgery April 2010, Female Patient age 59, South of England

I would describe my stay in Budapest as very pleasant.  Carolyn was wonderful and very helpful and my surgeon was amazing!

I would definitely recommend anyone to come over to Budapest for surgery!

Michelle, 41, East Anglia,
 Breast Uplift (with Implant removal), March 2010

I came to Budapest for a Tummy Tuck and Liposuction on my own.  I felt quite scared until I met Carolyn – she reassured me and was there whenever I needed her.

The hospital building was older than expected but very clean.  The private clinic was more modern but basic and light and bright, but you could not fault the nursing team. They were very caring staff giving excellent nursing care and their kindness and attention was most gratefully received.

My surgeon, Dr R, is kind and a great plastic surgeon seeing you as a whole body and not just the bit you want doing!  You feel very safe in his hands  - the results are fantastic (once the swelling has gone down!).

Carolyn is a fantastic asset to Hungary – her kindness and support is second to none and without this support I would have found it difficult on my own – a wonderful team member.

A great experience overall and a great rest!
HA,  London, March 2010 – Tummy Tuck and liposuction to love handles, outer thighs etc

I am very pleased with the procedure and treatment I have received.  Dr K was very kind and caring and very professional.  The clinic staff also were very kind and caring.

My stay here in Budapest has proven to be a good experience and I am glad that I chose this venue.  Thanks to all concerned.

Carolyn was a treasure – she made all things much easier – and also fun!
PS, SE England, Full Tummy Tuck, March 2010

Following facelift and breast surgery last year I returned for fat transfer to my face to complete the job.  I had this done under local anaesthesia but would recommend a general  to anyone else considering this as it was very painful at times.  However my surgeon has, as before, done a brilliant job and I am very pleased with the result and the improvement in my face.  I realise that the surgeon overfills to compensate for the fat that absorbs but I hope a good proportion does remain as I very much like my new look.

My host Carolyn was perfect.  She does everything to make your stay a positive one and is always there so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Carolyn ...AAA+++ both as an op buddy and a friend!

I would never consider going anywhere else for surgery/treatments.

JA, London, 56, Liposuction to Abdomen for Fat transfer to cheeks, chin and lips.

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