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Linda Briggs Cosmetic Surgery & Dentistry in Budapest Hungary


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Testimonials and reviews from satisfied cosmetic surgery patients 2012


The surgery, clinic and every other aspect of my stay in Budapest has far exceeded my expectations.  The Linda Briggs team has been wonderful and made everything seem so easy. Thank you so much!

SI, male 38, London, tattoo scar removal  July 2012

All went very well - my first ever operation so was very anxious but had no problem.  Surgeon very good, overall a fantastic experience!

LL, Scotland, 50, Breast Reduction and Uplift. July 2012

Well organised from start to finish - everything was very professional and handled very well.  I hope I don't have to come again but if I did it would be OK...!!!!

I'm going home with a new body - I feel almost recovered and have had the best care.  Ideally bring a friend who will help you and is not squeamish!!!

SH, female patient, 31, Oxon, Breast reduction and uplift, liposuction to outer and inner thighs. July 2012

I went to Hungary with trepidation after a previous operation on my eyelids in Poland produced poor results.  This time a tummy tuck, combined with, hopefully, hernia repair.  I return now completely delighted, having had a competent surgeon, professional care, a fabulous stay in one of Europe's most historic cities, and made new friends - faultless!"

CH, Registered Nurse Practitioner,  New Zealand and UK, surgery June 2012, abdominoplasty and hernia repair.

LF Testimonial May 2012
"This is the 3rd cosmetic procedure with Linda Briggs and I will only ever recommend this company, this surgeon and Carolyn!  100% service all round!

I have had a few surgical procedures abroad and in the UK.  I would only ever recommend to people, when considering surgery, to use Linda Briggs in Hungary with Carolyn and also the wonderful surgeon I had.   For the second time they were both excellent.  Thank you once again!

The Danubius Thermal Hotel on Margaret Island was perfect and better than described on the Internet.  I would come back just to stay in this hotel!  Was a bit far out of the centre but I would be prepared to pay extra in taxi fees just to be here ....

Female patient, age 32, North East England, temporal lift, May 2012 under local anaesthesia.

'From being picked up at the airport by my contact Carolyn, through to surgery and post-op aftercare, I felt I was in the hands of a professional team who cared and understood my needs.

(Admittedly trivial, but having chosen to stay in a hotel, I would have brought 'Cup a Soup' and some other 'add water' food sachets to tide me over between breakfast and dinner for the first few days post-op'.)

Male patient, age 48, Home Counties, fat transfer to face under general anaesthesia, May 2012

"Budapest was glorious and yes, being awake during the operation felt actually comfortable and the pre-med injection, which took effect without me realising it, made me feel cozy; I could clearly hear what was said and was able to follow instructions, e.g."open your eyes now".  I could even have joined in the conversation but I was not invited!  Probably because they spoke Hungarian and the pre-med injection didn't teach me that!!!!  The procedure (cutting, stitching, etc) was carried out smoothly and did not feel unsettling in the least. There was absolutely no pain when the injections around the eye were given and there was no pain after slipping out of this wonderful state of cosiness.  Having tapes around the lower eye lid felt strange, however, at the same time re-assuring because it kept the stitches in place.

Having a reliable and caring person - Carolyn - around, made all the difference.  The surgeon was kind and approachable and Budapest looks absolutely beautiful, even in the 'sunglasses' darkness!!!!  The apartment was excellent.

The flight back with Wizz Air was perfect and there was no 'sales promotion' like with Ryanair, so anyone who wanted to sleep could.

It's indeed good not to have to go to work straight after returning home, and to give the 2 purple spots just above the cheek bones time to fade more.

A useful tip: you must stop at the red lights when crossing otherwise you will need surgery of the life-saving kind!!!  Hungarians are red hot drivers, just like their paprika!

GT, South of England, 59, lower eyelid lift under local anaesthesia, March 2012

----- Original Message -----
From: gt
To: linda
Sent: Sunday, March 18, 2012 10:09 AM
Subject: Website email

Hi Linda thank you for your card. Yes, I am healing very well after blepharoplasty to the lower eye lid.  It was done Tuesday 6.3.12 in Budapest by Dr. K and nearly all obvious traces have now disappeared, apart from a small dot on top of each cheek bone from the 2 black(ish) eyes.  So when I get to work on Monday there is no need for any explanation, just a bit of concealer perhaps.  The surgery was absolutely excellent and Dr. K has a masterly touch.  The result is exactly what I had hoped in fact it was the perfect job and in a couple of months time, or a bit longer probably, all traces of the operation will have disappeared, as have the bags under my eyes and the excess skin!  Mission accomplished.   My sons said I look different but they couldn't say what it was.  That's just the desired effect.  One more thing: Carolyn is really born for her role as 'carer' and I hadn't realised how much I needed someone like her.  Surgery to the face is VERY worrying, I think more than dental treatment even, and since I was travelling on my own she really gave me courage and reassurance.  For this reason alone, plus the excellent surgeon of course, I would say, go to Budapest.  I will send a photo and will wait for Carolyn to send me the reminder. Kind regards GT

"I came with a friend but if I had known how fantastic Linda Briggs' representative Carolyn was, I would have no hesitation to come on my own.   She is like a best friend!  The whole experience here in Budapest was so easy and I returned home looking 10 years younger with hardly a mark to show I'd had a full face lift - how good is that!!!  I am delighted with the outcome of the surgery so far."

BW, female patient 55, Scotland - full facelift/neck liposuction /platysma tightening, upper and lower eyelid lift - March 2012

February 2012 -1000 FUE 'NLHT' Hair Transplantation.  Male. England, 23 years.

" Very easy, no hassle.  Would recommend to all.  The surgeon was outstanding and down to earth and put me at ease.  The result is fantastic - so much better than expected.  The hair implants don't hurt - the inject ions to numb your head do (but not unbearable) and well worth it to have my old hairline back.  I am more than delighted!

Carolyn lovely and very helpful and really pleasant and made it a lot easier and less stressful. Can't thank her enough - she is made for the job!!

A bit of advice - bring button up shirts rather than T-shirts that are pulled over your head.  Had to buy some in Budapest rather than risk knocking the implanted hair,"

A safe and happy experience - wonderful surgeon, could not ask for better.  Altogether a confidence boosting trip.  Thank you to all concerned.

PS, South England, 60, face/necklfit, lower eyelid lift, thigh lift, liposuction to abdomen and thighs. (previous tummy tuck surgery 2010) February 2012

----- Original Message -----
From: BK - male for otoplasty
To: Linda Briggs
Sent: Saturday, January 07, 2012 2:44 PM
Subject: Hungary

Hi Linda,

My surgery went well, I am back in Sweden now.  I just wanted to thank you and in particular Carolyn for everything, she was amazing and it made the experience very easy.


Delighted with my surgery for face and neck lift and under-eye.  The surgeon and his staff did everything to put me at my ease and took every care of me.  I am delighted with the results of my surgery.  All the bruises had vanished by the end of two weeks.  Also the clinic was spotless and so easy to get to – but Carolyn was with me all the time anyway.

Carolyn was a breath of fresh air.  She did everything for me and lots of things beyond the call of duty including shopping, bringing me books to read, showing me around the city.  She called every day even when she was busy – we also went out a few times.  She made my stay a very happy one.  I always had her visits to look forward to each day, so I never felt alone.  She kept her cool with me when I was sometimes short tempered!  I’ll always be thankful to her and feel delighted that I was lucky enough to have met her.  I forgot to add she was there in the clinic as soon as I woke up after my operation – and presented me with a lovely plant with a butterfly on it (which means new life) – how lovely was that!

Testimonial from Female Patient, 73, Ireland,  Face/necklift and lower blepharoplasty, November 2011

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