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Linda Briggs in Hungary
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Linda Briggs Cosmetic Surgery & Dentistry in Budapest Hungary


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Reviews and testimonials for Cosmetic Surgery - 2013


" I am very pleased with the results and grateful to the surgeon, Linda Briggs and Carolyn for everything." I am thinking of returning for dental work."

TR, male 30, London, intra-oral chin implant, December 2013

"The  surgeon, the  exemplary standard of nursing, the Linda Briggs advisory staff, were all to a much higher standard than I have ever encountered in the UK.  I would recommend surgery and treatment with Linda Briggs in Hungary to anyone considering going abroad."

Male 39, (doctor, London) MACS lift + upper blephs, + cheek implant correction due to incorrect positioning of implants in the US." November 2013

Dear Linda,

Hope this finds you well. I have been meaning to get in touch since I got back from Budapest, but unfortunately trying to settle back into work and home life has been a bit hectic.

I just wanted to say how grateful I am to you and Carolyn for finding an amazing surgeon who has exceeded what I thought could be done from the first rhinoplasty.  After meeting Dr. V I knew she was the right surgeon, not promising a perfect result but a realistic improvement is what I wanted to hear.  With Carolyn having worked with her before she was able to tell me of other experiences and results. This helped as Carolyn also pointed out what was achievable in surgery.

I really can't say how thankful I am enough to Carolyn, from communicating and being with me throughout the whole process.  This wonderful, kind, knowledgeable and very funny lady kept me informed, calm and my spirits up.  I hope others appreciate what she does when they go out there.

I am hoping in a month or so I will visit again and see Carolyn and Dr. V.  My nose is still extremely sore and swollen but what she has done I am so happy with.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to you, Mike and especially Carolyn.

Kind Regards,
M.N. Revision rhinoplasty January 2013

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