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Linda Briggs in Hungary - Reviews and testimonials for cosmetic surgery 2018
Linda Briggs Cosmetic Surgery & Dentistry in Budapest Hungary


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"Be prepared: and prepare yourself for your body to heal and cope with these procedures - ie. Tummy tuck and breast lift - as this is the best way for a good outcome.  Also trusting the team of support around you, from the surgeon to Carolyn and all the people in between!  Excellent service, felt looked after at all times!

BWL, 37, Ireland, Tummy Tuck and Breast lift, October 2018

" The nurses and doctors were very good and looked after me so well - and they care so much.  The surgeon and his operating staff were fantastic and did an amazing job - great treatment!  Caroline also was great - she looks after you so well - would definitely come back!

LC, North of England, 60, complex tummy tuck procedure (to correct and improve previous failed procedure carried out elsewhere) + lipo to inner thighs.  October 2018

" The surgeon recommended by Linda Briggs was everything I had hoped for (in fact more)!  He really did put me at ease (it is quite nerve-wracking  waiting to meet the surgeon for the first time and in a foreign country). He is gentle, kind, reassuring and explained everything - he asked me to tell him what I wanted, and then he told me - and showed me - what he could do (and it was even better than I had hoped for) - and what to expect afterwards.  There was no language barrier as he speaks very good English and understood all my questions (and there were many).  He is totally professional, very kind and understanding - and I really couldn't have been happier - or found a better surgeon anywhere (thank you Linda!).  I would highly recommend him to anyone thinking of going abroad for surgery!

As a bonus, Budapest is a wonderful city.  I was surprised when it was suggested to me, before going there, that after surgery, I would, after a day or two, be out seeing the sights - visiting cafes and enjoying the 'holiday'.  When you are staying on the Pest side (where the clinic is) it is totally flat, so there is no problem after surgery.  The surgeon said that the patients who go out and walk make the best recovery and heal quicker - so I took his advice!

Finally, I have to thank Carolyn - she was so supportive before, during and after my surgery  and gave me all the information and more - patiently answered all my questions and made the whole experience enjoyable.  Having someone sitting with you before surgery makes all the difference and she was always on hand to answer any questions, and to  provide help. if needed.

I would highly recommend Linda Briggs - and you know you are in safe hands when you take her advice and recommendations!

AC 35,  London, surgery Liposuction and fat transfer to buttocks (BBL) June 2018

"Lovely city - and  lovely surgeon who listens!  Very happy with my overall experience of surgery with Linda Briggs.  Carolyn was fantastic!  Lovely lady - always there when needed.   Surgeon very professional and lovely and I am very happy with my results and my recovery at this point in time. Hopefully I will be back next year ....!

AJ, 52, Switzerland, Facelift/necklift + Upper/Lower eyelids + chin lipo + earlobe correction May 2018

" Felt very nervous on arrival to Budapest and prior to meeting Caroline and the hospital staff, but was immediately put at ease and made to feel welcome. Cannot find fault with the service or staff.  I would highly recommend surgery in Budapest via Linda Briggs and also highly recommend the surgeon - very professional.  Thank you very much!

BM, 42,  Midlands, Br east reduction March 2018

" I would certainly recommend Linda Briggs in Hungary for surgery - as it was a wonderful experience throughout!  Linda has been very helpful in every way, as too was her representative in Budapest who was very kind and helpful.  I really appreciate her prompt and detailed answers to all my questions. The whole journey wouldn't be so smooth without her.    It made such a difference that she was with me before the surgery right up to when I went into theatre.  Also Budapest is a beautiful city and I could go out for a walk in this lovely city during my recovery.  I had previously visited two other countries for surgery - but this has been the best experience!"

SM, 38, liposuction + upper eyelid lift, March 2018

I felt well looked after from start to finish and would recommend this to anyone!

CT, male, 20, Northern England, gynaecomastia, February 2018 under Local anaesthesia

Had a very good experience. Surgeon very approachable, very nice, and very gentle - when he took my stitches out, I didn't even know he'd done it!  I will definitely be coming back for more surgery!

MA, 44, Midlands,  Extended Tummy Tuck with muscle tightening, January 2018


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